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Crazy Keith Olbermann Tries Podcasting, Fails Hilariously

Anyone remember crazy Keith Olderman? I do, as I have this perverse need to see people fall on their face.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a monster. When one of my kids fell down, I was always first to help them up. If I see someone struggling to reach something on a high shelf in the grocery, I offer to help. Of course, considering how bare our store shelves are, (thanks Brandon), that hasn’t happened in a while.

No, I particularly delight in watching people wallow in their own hubris. When Tony Fauci throws out the first pitch at a baseball game and gets lustily booed, that sort of stuff makes me giggle.

Fortunately, there is ample material these days when it comes to pompous, loudmouths sticking their feet in their aforementioned mouths.

That brings us back to crazy Keith! The former ESPN anchor and failed YouTuber is now trying his hand at podcasting! Let’s check with Outkick to see how it’s going:

Crazy Keith Olbermann’s new podcast dropped 110 spots on the Apple Podcast chart just days after he bragged about its ranking.

Before the Big Drop, Olbermann said the success was overwhelming, that it humbled him:

Now, I’m not sure what metrics are used to track listeners, downloads, etc, but I DO know, often people will tune into something out of morbid curiosity and flee like their hair is on fire after one awful episode.

Perfect example is the iconic show MASH. The finale was one of the highest-rated episodes of a show ever. Never wanting to miss a cash grab, a show was promptly developed called “AfterMash”. Great title, no? It starred Radar and a couple peripheral characters and debuted to massive ratings. Once people realized it was an abysmal cash grab, it was gone a season later.

Strong initial ratings do not guarantee success.

“Countdown” now ranks 156. The drop is the largest differential of any podcast in the top 200.

Olbermann’s podcast never actually ranked among the 50 most popular, as he thought, or the 156th now. See, Apple’s algorithm pushes most newly-released titles to the top of its ranking for the first 14 days, regardless of unique downloads or views.

So, a podcast could rank 2,000th in downloads and place among the top 50 during its first two weeks if it fits the criteria. (“Countdown” debuted on Aug. 1.)

So basically, podcast rankings, at least initially, are useless. Apple pushes the pod and inflates its popularity artificially, likely to attempt to gain a buzz for a pod that has no buzz and to encourage podcasters to continue putting their time and money into their failing pod.

That’s not shady at all Apple!

It makes me wonder how many novice podcasters fall for it. They start talking smack to their competition and pumping themselves up to an audience they don’t have, only to be crushed weeks later when they find out 8 people listened.

At least most are smart enough not to go on Twitter and pat themselves on the back, unlike Crazy Keith!

For a backstory, Olbermann launched his podcast after failing to convince MSNBC to hire him back. Per reports, he sent NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell an unsolicited 5,000-word dissertation-style email begging for a job.

Shell said no, so KO took what’s left of his talents to podcasting.

Based on the synopsis of the pod it mirrors his former YouTube show: him yelling alone in a room about Donald Trump and Republicans whom he calls “domestic terrorists.”

What a treat! Keith Olbermann makes the world a better place. After all, we need more folks in the digital world with full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Keith’s case is about as advanced as it gets!

To be fair, I’ll never listen to a second of this mess. I already know Keith’s schtick, and frankly want to hear something other than an unhinged leftist loon rant about a President that has been out of office for over a year and a half.

Maybe I’ll listen to the “Office Ladies” pod instead. It goes down much easier than Olbermann’s does.


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics