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WATCH: Senator Kennedy Releases Hilarious Ad That’s Gonna Have You Doubled Over Laughing

Senator Kennedy of Louisiana is one of the toughest fighters in the Senate, the guy who’s willing when other Republicans aren’t to stand up to the deep state and take on the left for the depredations that it has inflicted upon the American people

For example, he is the guy that utterly destroyed Biden’s woke SCOTUS nominee, pressing her on the issue of when life begins and questioning her over her obviously either not thought out or unutterable (as they’d make her so obviously the leftist radical that many people thought her to be) thoughts on the subject.

Throughout that painful spectacle, Kennedy didn’t let go, but rather kept his jaws firmly shut, refusing to allow her to escape and avoid answering his questions.

But, it turns out that Senator Kennedy isn’t just a bare-knuckled brawler when it comes to dealing with wokies, he’s also pretty darn funny. Such could be seen in his new ad, which you can watch here:

As you can hear, Senator Kennedy throws a number of fun remarks into the ad, making it clear that he’s a conservative fighter while also including the sort of softly self-deprecating remarks that show his good qualities while also showing that he doesn’t take himself too seriously (paging Liz “the RINO” Cheney to show what the exact opposite of that looks like).

In one part, for example, Kennedy said “People say I’m outspoken. It’s true. I have the right to remain silent. I just don’t have the ability. I’m just being me.”

In another funny line, Kennedy references his inability to sit quietly yet again while also blasting DC insiders that get their feelings hurt so easily, saying:

For all those Washington, insider, elite bedwetters, whose feelings I hurt, here’s some free advice: Go buy yourself an emotional support pony. Because I’m not going to shut up.”

Continuing, Kennedy then made his best joke of the whole ad, giving some very good advice to anyone wondering how to act, saying:

And one more thing, always be yourself, unless you suck.”

Hilarious! Funny stuff that shows his steel spine and refusal to be quiet while also cracking some jokes that are needed more now, in these dark times, than ever.

While those jokes were all funny, particularly the “unless you suck” one, they might not have been his takedown of Bidenflation and gas prices, when he lit into the fuel price crisis and Hunter’s drug problem, saying:

Meanwhile, I don’t know about where you live, Jesse, but in my state, the price of gas is so high that it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.

Senator Kennedy is a national treasure and by far one of the best fighters in the GOP; thank goodness he’s on our side and not helping out the looney left, which could certainly use a dash or twelve of his wisdom and humor.

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