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“Wholly Intent on Destroying the American Way”: American Majority CEO Rips Into Radical Democrat Intentions, Exposes How They’re Attempting to Achieve Those Un-American Goals

American Majority is a non-profit that aims to help train both conservative political candidates and activists in how to take on the left and win, educating those interested in how to enter the political battlefield.

Recently, American Majority CEO Ned Ryun tore into the left and its radical agenda during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, hammering the left for trying to completely destroy the American we know and replace it with their vision of a wholly different nation.

Speaking on that, Ryun blasted both the left and the insouciant Republicans that have proven willing to work with the left, saying:

“Well, I think it’s very clear by their actions will the ruling classes of both parties could care less about promoting or protecting anything of the American people’s interests…so you not only have feckless Republican leaders, but you’ve got the deeply un-American left.”

Continuing, he went on to say what the Democrats are intent on doing and how they’re planning on destroying America, saying:

“And by that I mean the Democratic Party that I think is wholly intent on destroying the American way as we know it because they hate it will and they think it’s evil.

“The idea of cheap energy, of national sovereignty, of patriotism, love of country, these are all backward and ignorant ideas, according to the left.

“And so since the dirty little peasants haven’t figured out what’s best for them, they will learn how to submit as they’re being crushed into submission between inflation and taxes, and either they submit to its will or the American people are going to actually figure out what this ruling class is doing to them and rise up and demand new leadership and hopefully very soon.”

But that wasn’t all. Ryun also exposed how the Democrats are attempting to create an all-powerful state that is able to effect their radical goals, doing away with all the old ways of doing political business to achieve those goals more quickly.

Speaking on that point, Ryun said:

“If you were to take and look at the un-American left, they’ve been wholly intent for the last century… on doing away with the old order of things. The Constitution, Republic, destroying all of that, destroying the old order to bring a new order in which they make the state all-powerful.”

Continuing, Ryun highlighted that they’re growing impatient with the pace of progress and so are trying to make Americans submit to the bureaucracy, which the left wholly controls, saying:

We’re going to accelerate that process in which the American people will submit to the administrative state, to the unelected bureaucrats, to the so-called elites who are supposedly going to lead us to progress, which in fact, Will, is nothing but a very regressive path when you look at these energy policies, extremely regressive.

“I would say. In fact, if we were to allow the green new deal and all these crazy climate change policies to actually be implemented, it would cause massive damage not only to this country but worldwide.

Scary stuff, particularly since it seems so true.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics