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WOW: Rumors Swirl Once Famous, Now Woke Comedy Program Could be Canceled as Americans Stop Watching It

It’s late at night and you have 30 minutes to watch something on TV after finishing up everything you have to do for the day. The kids are asleep, the dishes washed, the kitchen cleaned, your work done, and your body exercised. So it’s quiet, and you and your spouse want to watch something before bed. What do you turn on?

Chances are, up until a few years ago, SNL might have been a fun choice and likely option. It was hilarious, all the comedy greats were on it, the actors involved might have been lefties but the skits were funny (and very often not politically correct at all). It was a fun, funny show that people enjoyed watching and would chat about.

But not anymore. Along came the “bad orange man” and he did “bad orange things,” so the nasty leftists at SNL lost their minds and ditched comedy, replacing it with inveterate, inescapable leftism.

Gone were the days of mocking everything that could be mocked and joking about topics in the news or political sphere without the skit turning into a lecture of the sort a husbandless schoolmarm might have been giving in the 1920s, albeit about why being anti-illegal immigration is racist rather than why having a glass of bourbon will send you straight to hell.

Well, consumers of the “entertainment” slopped out by the major networks have caught onto that and have increasingly skipped over SNL when scanning the cable listings. Fox News, reporting on SNL’s troubles, noted:

The reason for the potential ending of “SNL” could be related to the ratings debacle, with the season 47 premiere recording only 4.9 million total viewers. The season 46 premiere in 2020 raked in over 8.2 million viewers, per a Nielsen report, meaning loss in viewership was just below 50 percent.

50 percent! That many Americans have decided to stop watching what used to be one of the funniest and most popular programs in America.

And that ratings collapse has had a very real effect on the executives behind the show, who are reportedly considering canceling it. News on that also comes from Fox News, which reported that:

the longest-tenured cast member of “SNL,” Kenan Thompson, alluded to the end being near.

When asked about the rumors the show would be ending, he said, “There could be a lot of validity to that rumor, because 50’s a good year to stop at.

Yikes. SNL used to be funny and popular. Now, rumors of its demise might be somewhat exaggerated (SNL didn’t comment when Fox News asked about the rumor), but seem quite real: even if SNL manages to push on for a bit longer, some of the bigger name stars on it are leaving as the ratings crumble, making it seem all the more likely that the network might decide to just cut its losses and cancel the show.

We’ll see what happens. But, whether it’s canceled or not, SNL’s sad ratings collapse is just another example of the lesson leftists won’t learn: if you go woke, you’re gonna go broke.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics