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Fire Sale: DNC Humiliates Kamala, Drastically Lowers Photo Op Fee

There are various ways in which political parties raise campaign funds. One of the primary sources currently is via online efforts. But every party still conducts the old-fashioned fundraisers, with one-on-one, face-to-face contact. They have highfalutin dinners where everyone gets dressed up in their fanciest duds and listens to politicians talk about how great they are and how much they need their money. The organizers charge thousands of dollars per person for admission to an event that only costs a couple of hundred, the political party pockets the difference, and voila – positive cash flow into the politicians coffers.

It’s an age-old tradition, and an effective one. But what’s not effective is trying to extract five-figure amounts from guests for the privilege of getting their picture taken with someone as unappealing as Vice-President Kamala Harris. Yet for some reason, the Democratic National Committee thought it would be a good idea to use her as a prop to bring in some much needed funds.

As reported yesterday by Breitbart:

“The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is reportedly reducing prices for an opportunity to take a photo with Vice President Kamala Harris.

The price for a photo with the vice president at the Woman’s Leadership Forum fundraiser in May reportedly cost attendees $15,000. But that event was postponed until the fall due to a lack of ticket sales.

Harris’s lack of popularity is likely negatively impacting her fundraising abilities. According to Puck, the DNC’s June fundraiser in California featuring Harris will only charge $5,000 for a photo, a 66 percent discount from May’s postponed event.”

Simply stated, Vice-President Kamala Harris is unlikeable… to an extreme. She’s awkward, pompous, and downright annoying. She’s also exceedingly incompetent in performing her job responsibilities. Perhaps nothing is more illustrative of Americans’ overwhelming dislike of the VP than what was announced yesterday. Not even members of her own party are excited by Ms. Harris.

Polling on Harris’ approval ratings has been unprecedentedly low, beginning only months into her term. Last fall, a USA Today poll showed Harris with only 28% approval, and recent surveys show that the VP is still substantially underwater. And with skyrocketing inflation and a similarly disliked Joe Biden in the top spot, it appears unlikely that either Harris or Biden will be gaining favor with Americans any time soon.

What’s particularly disturbing about the utter rejection of Harris is this: As Vice-President, Harris should be the heir apparent to Biden. When Jimmy Carter got shellacked in 1980, his Vice-President was next in line and when Walter Mondale ran against Ronald Reagan in 1984. George H. W. Bush took the baton from Reagan four years later, Al Gore followed Bill Clinton in 2000, and we have dozens of other examples over the years.

With Ms. Harris being only 57 years old, the customary succession plan would require Harris to be next in line. It should be Kamala Harris waiting in the wings to take over for good ole’ Joe. But the toxicity around Harris is remarkable, and the idea that the DNC would have to reduce an ill-advised photo-op charge by two-thirds only accentuates that reality. Maybe if they lower the cost to ten bucks they’ll be able to sell the place out.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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