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My head was buried in the sand: Hunter Biden’s ex-wife breaks silence on scandalous son of president

Kathleen Buhle, the ex-wife of Hunter Biden, appeared on mainstream news outlets to promote her upcoming memoir release “If We Break,” and broke her silence, but it was difficult for Buhle to escape Biden family controversies, as she sat down with CBS’ senior culture correspondent Anthony Mason to detail the chapter of her life spent with Hunter.

“CBS Mornings” aired the interview, and delved into Buhle’s life as a Biden and her marriage to Hunter before probing into his shady business dealings.

Buhle claimed she knew nothing of the shady goings-on during her marriage with the president’s son from 1993 to 2017, though a subpoena obtained by CBS News revealed back records request dating back to 2014 when the couple was still married.

“I had my head pretty deeply buried in the sand,” Buhle said. She also claimed later that she “barely understood” what Hunter had done.

Largely ignored by mainstream outlets until recent months, Hunter’s laptop first raised suspicion in 2019 after being dropped off at a Delaware repair shop. The controversy has escalated since then, prompting calls for a special counsel.

Buhle said that, even if she were, she would have “nothing to contribute” because of the previously cited lack of understanding, after she was asked about being subpoenaed.

Asking whether she had yet been subpoenaed, Mason pressed Buhle further, leading her to reveal she had not.

“I have talked to some investigators, but have not been subpoenaed [to appear before a grand jury]… I was questioned because, obviously, I was married to him for 24 years,” answered Buhle.

Buhle also delved into Hunter’s infamous drug addiction, during the interview, and also his affairs with many women, including his sister-in-law and widow of his late brother Beau, Hallie Biden, neglecting to mention her by name.

“He didn’t come home and put a bottle of vodka on the table and say, ‘[my addiction] is back,” she said, however, she added that there were clues that Hunter’s addiction had returned.

“When I found the crack pipe… Beau had just died. His addiction was just as bad, it was escalating. But, during that time, finding liquor bottles, he was just in an awful place,” she explained.

“Painful, painful time” for the entire Biden family is how Buhle described the period after Beau Biden’s death and Hunter’s subsequent addiction, before delving into Hunter’s countless affairs, including the most painstakingly shocking to her, the affair with his sister-in-law Hallie.

“When I found out he was having an affair with our sister-in-law, at that point, I had been losing my mind for the last year-and-a-half, trying to make sense of what was going on. In a strange way, it was like, ‘finally, I don’t love him anymore,’” Buhle said.

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