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Crazy Democrats Accuse Justice Thomas’ Wife of Being Part of Jan. 6th “Insurrection”

How far are Democrats willing to go to try and discredit Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the most conservative and effective members of the Supreme Court? So far as to accuse her of involvement in the January 6th riot because she was involved in the fight against voter fraud in the wake of the election.

One such Democrat pushing that line was leftist CNN host Jake Tapper, who, in a recent performance with John King, said: “she played a role in trying to get people to come to the Capitol on January 6th, but also in the larger plot to undo a democratic election.

King went along with what Tapper was saying and then pushed it a step further, saying:

“She has every right to have her political views, but she also has to understand what her husband does for a living. The big question here is what was she involved in?

Then the two got to the real point, which is to attack Justice Thomas, King, who also brought up the “what did Clarence Thomas know” question in an obvious attempt to discredit Thomas, continued, saying:

Number two, will the Supreme Court ever develop a public, transparent set of ethics standards, not only for the members, but for spouses of the members?”

Tapper, responding, said: “But if a Supreme Court spouse is out there doing things — and I think it’s fair to say — were irresponsible and inappropriate for anyone, let alone a Supreme Court spouse. You have to ask, well, if she was part of their plot, was she the one giving this information?

But Tapper and King weren’t the only two Democrats to attack Justice Thomas by attacking his conservative wife.

Senator Dick Durbin did as well, bringing up Ginni Thomas and using her as a means of attacking Thomas and trying to neutralize the most conservative member of the court, saying:

Well, I can tell you that’s the second point. The second point is as far as Mrs. Thomas is concerned, she clearly was not just exercising her constitutional rights, she was deeply, personally involved in what appears to be an effort to overturn the election in the last cycle. That is a serious matter, and it raises a question as to whether the Supreme Court justice she’s married to should recuse himself from all matters related to this. There is a clear conflict of interest.

Similarly, leftist journalist Jacqueline Alemany attacked Ginni Thomas on MSNBC, saying:

I think that the committee is getting there with her. As more and more information comes in we have to remember, this is a live, ongoing information.

“At the moment, we — our reporting does not show the committee is considering — necessarily calling her in as a witness about that, because of the emails that have recently been delivered to the committee by John Eastman, because of a ruling by federal court Judge David Carter that happened just last week, the scope of her involvement in these efforts to overturn the results of election is now wider than previously known.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics