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BullSchiff: Rep. Schiff Makes Yet Crazier Claims about January 6th

California’s Rep. Adam Schiff is bandying on about the bad orange man and how he’s responsible for the “insurrection” on January 6th yet again, this time going on ABC’s “This Week” to rant about how the “evidence is very powerful” that Trump is responsible for that day’s events.

Schiff, speaking in his usually delusional manner about what he thinks the kangaroo court hearings of last Thursday proved and pledging that there will be much more like them, said:

The evidence is very powerful that Donald Trump began telling this big lie even before the election that he was saying that any ballots counted after election day were going to be inherently suspect.

“That lie continued after the election and ultimately led to this mob assembling and attacking the Capitol. I think you heard just a few examples of what those witnesses have said behind closed doors. There’s a lot more testimony where that came from.”

The anchor of the show, Martha Raddatz, then prodded Schiff to connect Trump with certain right-wing streetfighting groups and militia-like organizations, asking:

Let me ask you, is there an actual conversation between people in Trump’s orbit and Proud Boys, Oathkeepers?

Schiff responded as Raddatz obviously hoped he would, saying not only that there were connections between the group and Trump but also that the groups, one of which was headed by a Latino (Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys), are really “white nationalist groups”.

Speaking on that and making that absurd claim, Schiff said:

Well, you know, as I think the committee already disclosed and has been publicly reported, of course, there are connections between these white nationalist groups and some in Trump’s orbit. Again, I don’t want to get into specifics of the evidence.

“You’ll just have to wait until we get to that point of our hearings. But I think what’s important, again, is the broad context of all of this, the knowledge prior to January 6 that there were going to be violent white nationalist groups assembling along with others on that mall. And the decision by the president nonetheless to incite that mob and do nothing while that attack was taking place.

“That dereliction of duty, I think, is as powerful as the president’s actions, his inactions on that day.

Classic bullSchiff. Schiff has been one of the most consistent and crazed of the January 6th pearl-clutchers, constantly trying to use the trespass to boost his own profile and attack President Trump.

In a Twitter thread about the hearings, for example, he claimed that they would show a “multi-pronged effort” to attack “our democracy”, saying:

We’ll demonstrate the multipronged effort to overturn a presidential election, how one strategy to subvert the election led to another, culminating in a violent attack on our democracy.

It’s an important story, and one that must be told to ensure it never happens again.

During tomorrow’s hearing and in the ones to follow, we’ll show how close we came to losing our democracy.

And why it’s still deeply at risk.

We’ll provide details of the effort to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power.

And what we must do to protect our democracy now.

Liz Cheney ended up pushing those claims during the hearings, albeit less convincingly than Schiff probably hoped.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics