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OOF: MSNBC, CNN Just Got CRUSHED By Fox News, Got Some Of the Worst Results in Decades with Key Demographic

How are things going for MSNBC, the wokest of the woke mainstream news outlets? Not great. Terrible, in fact.

With MSNBC’s “star,” Rachel Maddow, calling it and leaving while Fox News has stars like Hannity and Tucker that seem more embedded in the network than ever, Fox News dominated its leftist competition, raking in record ratings while MSNBC got crushed, suffering its worst week with a key demographic, Americas aged 25-54, the next generation of TV watchers and the big spenders, since 1999!

On the Fox News side of cable news, things are going great: its show “The Five” was the most-viewed cable news show, averaging a whopping 3.2 million viewers in the last week, while the rest of Fox News did reasonably well too, averaging about 1.3 million viewers in the week of May 30 to June 5.

Those sterling results led to CNN and MSNBC getting absolutely blasted by Fox News, with Fox News’ average of 1.3 million viewers for the week leading basic cable. In second place was HGTV; it garnered just 562,000 viewers. It was only after that that Fox News’ leftist competition started showing up.

MSNBC came in third among the basic cable competitors, averaging just 556,000 viewers. CNN fell even farther short of Fox News with a dismal 450,000 viewers. Even the combined viewership of both networks failed to surpass Fox News!

And that’s not the only category that Fox News dominated. Primetime was another category that Fox News blew the leftist competition to pieces in, raking in average of over 2 million viewers for shows in the 8-11pm block, such as Hannity and Tucker.

Its closes competitor was ESPN, which only managed to bring in about one and a half million voters, falling far short of Fox News. Meanwhile, MSNBC and CNN fall far, far short of Fox News, with MSNBC only garnering about 800,000 average viewers and CNN doing ever worse, bringing in only 600k. As with the basic cable category, the combined results of both again failed to even approach FoxNew’ dominating position.

Then there’s the key demographic of 25-54 year old viewers, people who are the ones who will theoretically be watching TV for longer and spending more money thanks to their larger incomes than their younger and older peers.

Once again Fox News absolutely crushed the competition, sweeping up a massive 203,000 on average, far more than CNN’s 96,000 and MSNBC’s 58,000. As with the other categories, the combined results of both leftie networks were far from even approaching Fox News’ massive height.

Crankers, noting just how terrible MSNBC is doing right now noted that it has fallen far, far behind even second-rate channels like BET, saying:

MSNBC’s struggle under the Biden era among the advertiser-coveted demo continued to worsen. The network had its worst week among total day and primetime demo viewers ever since 1999. Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Syfy, Freeform, E1, FXX, BET, and TLC were just some of the 32 basic cable networks to surpass MSNBC in the critical category last week as measured by total day viewers.

It got even worse for MSNBC in primetime, when it finished No. 43 in the demo with an average of just 71,000 viewers in the critical category versus 290,000 for Fox News. IFC TV, HLN, BBC America, VH1 and Nick-At-Nite ranked as some of the multitude of networks to outperform MSNBC in the primetime demo.

Meanwhile, Fox News’ shows continued to blow the competition out of the water, with “The Five” doing extremely well, as mentioned previously, while Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, and Hannity also performing quite well. In fact, Fox News held 93 of the top 100 cable news shows for the past week, showing just how dominant it is when compared to leftie networks like CNN and MSNBC.

Admittedly, leftists have more options, and thus the audience is more split. However, as noted multiple times previously, even the combined results of MSNBC and CNN don’t approach Fox News; it and its conservative message are dominant.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative