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Will the Mainstream Media Memory Hole the Tulsa Shooting?

The Tulsa hospital shootings were incredibly tragic. A crazed gunman shot his surgeon and three others, frustrated by an unsuccessful back surgery.

Unbelievably tragic. Also, it’s unfortunate that it followed on the heels of the Buffalo shootings and the Uvalde school massacre.

It is unfortunate because it piles on the narrative that America is a nation full of armed crazy people trying to shoot up anything in sight.

Also, it helps to fuel the leftist narrative that “guns are bad” and have to be banned, despite no actual guns firing themselves in any of these instances.

Folks, these are people with mental health issues. The Tulsa shooter bought his guns legally. It is terrible that he purchased them to wreak havoc, but he bought them legally.

The killer was a black man who ultimately killed his surgeon, another black man, among others. So how will this be handled? Will the media cover it 24/7 like a mass shooting involving a white shooter? Or will the media memory hole this story, and it will be out of the news cycle in days?

That is the tell, folks. That is where the left and the media will or won’t show their hands. This story will not fade away if the dems are genuinely concerned about Americans and their safety from gun violence.

More likely, this story goes away in a week because the optics weren’t useable by the liberal media.

Per the New York Post:

Louis, 45, of Muskogee, went to the hospital on May 19 for back surgery, which was performed by Dr. Preston Phillips. Louis was released on May 24, Franklin said.

Louis proceeded to call several times to complain of pain and sought additional treatment. He then saw Phillips on Tuesday and called the doctor’s office again on Wednesday seeking additional help, Franklin said.

I don’t pretend to know what Louis was going through, though I once suffered from chronic back pain. I never needed surgery, but it can certainly be a mental strain and maybe even worse if one is already in a fragile state of mind. Who knows?

About an hour before the shooting, Louis legally bought a semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle from a local gun store and purchased a semi-automatic handgun on May 29 from a local pawn shop, Franklin said.

Cops recovered dozens of spent shell casings from the shooting scene, as well as a letter penned by Louis that made it clear he intended to kill Phillips and “anyone who got in his way” following the surgery that he claimed had left him ailing, Franklin said.

This is the telling part. The guns were purchased legally, so how can we ensure people aren’t buying guns for murderous purposes? We can’t, but banning certain types of firearms isn’t the answer.

This man was at the end of his rope and bought weapons to do the unspeakable. If he couldn’t buy a gun, who’s to say he doesn’t buy a knife? If he could get into a hospital armed like that, he certainly would’ve had no problem getting in and perpetrating evil with a hunting knife. So would we ban knives then?

Pay attention, folks. Don’t be fooled. This is an unbelievably sad story, but we must watch with caution as to how the liberal media handles it.

Is the left truly concerned about gun violence, or is this just another issue being used to polarize, vilify and divide? Wait and see.


This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News