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HMMM: Camera Suspiciously Goes Haywire as Soon as Tapper Hammers Biden Apparatchik [WATCH]

Is Team Biden competent? No, no it is not. A look at literally anything happening right now is point in proof of that, from the baby formula shortage that’s turned into a crisis for parents who are desperately searching for food with which they can feed their starving infants to the skyrocketing price of gas, a disaster for anyone who needs to drive.

As such, it makes sense that Team Brandon wants to cover up everything going poorly, something his completely incompetent press secretary is incapable of doing. So, with Jean-Pierre unable to keep things under wraps, as Psaki was at least able to attempt doing, Team Biden is apparently needing to attempt cruder methods.

That happened yesterday (or what happened was just a very conveniently timed, weird coincidence), when Director of National Economic Council Brian Deese appeared yesterday on the “The Lead with Jake Tapper” and tried to avoid responsibility for the Biden baby formula shortage. Then, when Tapper surprisingly started taking him to task, the camera mysteriously tipped over and the segment was disrupted. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the segment, Tapper started ripping into Deese, saying:

“I guess I still just don’t fully understand why you didn’t tell the president until April if the problem was reported to the FDA last fall, the FDA didn’t check it out until I think December, and then they shut down the factory in February.

“The president, the only one who can invoke the Defense Production Act to force companies to produce this incredibly direly needed infant formula, he’s not told until April. Karine Jean-Pierre, your press secretary, said this has been a whole of government approach. That doesn’t include the president?”

And that’s not all, Tapper also said:

“I don’t need the [Food and Drug Administration] FDA to investigate itself to come to the judgment that they did not act quickly enough. And on behalf of all the frustrated moms and dads and guardians out there, I hope you don’t either.”

They were not the harshest words, and certainly not what those parents most stressed out by the crisis are thinking. But, still, they’re pretty tough.

So, Deese tried to respond and started mumbling about what happened while dodging responsibility, saying:

“These are really serious safety judgments, and you’re absolutely right that people are right to be frustrated. But when the FDA goes to a facility and conducts an investigation, that has to be done thoroughly and in their best scientific judgment.”

So it wasn’t going well for Deese. Then, suddenly, the camera started to fall and Deese was gone as the signal cut off, with Tapper saying “Our camera fell down.

Obviously it did, but why? Now, obviously, the intro was just a joke: there’s almost a zero percent chance that some Biden staffer ran over to the interview and pushed over the camera to stop Deese from looking bad. Though it’s funny to imagine.

But, still, it’s not the best look for an Administration that’s obviously trying to hide how badly it messed up.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics