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“Threat to National Security”: MSNBC Host Delivers Her Most Ridiculous Rant Yet about Republicans

Going on a ridiculous, blistering rant about how terrible she thinks congressional Republicans are MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace ended up saying on Monday that those congressional Republicans are, because they oppose deepening US involvement in certain wars abroad, threats to national security.

Specifically, during her rant on the show, Wallace ridiculously said:

Over the weekend, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, either ignorant of which is always possible with him or unbothered by, also likely, his own continued startling hypocrisy, suggested Russia would never have invaded[…]if the U.S. had simply provided weapons to President Zelensky sooner.

“Here’s why that matters. You’ll remember just two years ago, Kevin McCarthy repeatedly defended the twice impeached ex-president’s campaign to hold up military aid for Ukraine in the demented attempt to demand political help from President Zelensky. Along with 194 other House Republicans, McCarthy voted against the first impeachment for abuse of power in that investigation.”

That’s absurd. Trump did provide weapons to the embattled nation; in fact, he was the first to do so. Obama was only selling and sending them defensive items, not lethal aid. It’s thanks to Trump that they had millions of dollars worth of Javelin missiles, the premier anti-tank weapon, when the war began, for example.

But Wallace is obviously an ignoramus, so she doesn’t know about that and obviously didn’t do her research into who sent lethal aid to the embattled nation, so she claimed that Republicans are the threat to national security.

After the main part of her rant, Wallace continued to attack the GOP for its stance on foreign policy issues, saying:

They didn’t vote to affirm the commitment to NATO. I think calling them out is what Democrats who care about national security should do.

“My point is if the parties were reversed, Republicans would make it a poison pill. The Republican Party under Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are a threat to national security, at home, and the global security arrangements that have kept us safe since World War II.

“It is not their internal problems. It is the treat they present to all of us, to their constituents, and all the rest of us.

How, exactly, are Republicans threats to national security?

Was it the GOP that opened the border to the floods of illegals that bring with them gang affiliations, poisonous drugs like fentanyl, and cartel connections that lead to the further enrichment of those violent paramilitary organizations? No, that was Team Biden.

Was it the GOP that pulled out of Afghanistan in an incompetent fashion, getting American troops killed and leaving billions of dollars in equipment behind? No, that was Team Biden.

Was it under Trump that inflation skyrocketed and weakened our currency? No, that was under Biden.

Was it the GOP that turned the military woke and made it focus on diversity rather than warfighting? Nope, that was the wokies under Obama and now again under Biden.

Was it under Trump that we refused to sell a certain country under attack lethal aid? No, that was under Obama.

It’s not the GOP that’s a threat to national security. The bad ideas about national security come from that side.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics