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Police Reveal The Truth About Horrific Stabbing Of 15-Year-Old Girl

According to police in Stockton, California, a man drove up to a high school, got out of his car, and then fatally stabbed a 15-year-old girl to death, in what authorities are calling a random attack.

The suspect, Anthony Gray, 52, is currently located in the San Joaquin County jail and is facing a count of murder, according to online records.

Family members have identified the victim as Alicia Reynaga, according to reports from local media outlet KCRA.

“She was a good kid, a great kid,” Alicia’s father Manuel Reynaga went on to tell  reporter Melanie Wingo.

Law & Crime has more details:

According to police, the Stockton Unified School District told them at 11:05 a.m. on Monday of a 15-year-old female student who was stabbed at Stagg High School. A school police officer quickly detained the attacker, authorities said.

“What detectives have learned so far is the suspect, an adult male, drove to the front parking lot of the school and parked his vehicle,” officers went on to say on Monday. “He then exited his car, walked over to the student, and stabbed her.”

The child, who cops did not identify, died from her injuries at a local hospital, police said. Officers did not suggest a motive.

“Detectives believe this appears to be a random act and they are trying to determine why this student was targeted,” cops revealed in an update.

This investigation is currently still ongoing.

“A trespasser entered the front of our school today and stabbed one of our students multiple times,” Stockton Unified School District Superintendent John Ramirez Jr. went on to say in a press conference Monday, according to reports from KCRA. “Unfortunately, she did not make it.”

The man launched his vicious assault before the school’s security and staff could stop him, Ramirez stated, according to a report from The Associated Press.

The district has stated they will “definitely” reevaluate their campus security, he continued.

How awful is this?

This young lady had her whole life ahead of her. No doubt she had dreams, goals, and all sorts of plans for her future. It was all snuffed out by this murderous psychopath.

What’s worse, this man, Anthony Gray, will not receive the actual punishment he deserves, which is the death penalty. Instead, he’ll be put in prison for life where he will have all of his needs met, paid for courtesy of the California tax payers.

He will live free and easy, not even needing to have a job, while Reynaga is laid to rest in an early grave.

This is not justice.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather