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Husband Of Wife Viciously Stabbed 60 Times Receives Horrifying Text Message About His Family

A fairly safe, quiet, and rather upscale neighborhood located in Queens, New York, was appalled Saturday morning after the discovery of the body of a 51-year-old mother was found stuffed into a duffel bag with a trail of blood leading all the way back to her home.

Orsolya Gaal, 51, was discovered inside the duffel bag just a little after 8 a.m. near a walking path located in Forest Hills on Saturday morning. Local law enforcement officials stated that a trail of blood led all the way back to her home, which is located on Juno Street. Police spoke with the New York Post and stated than autopsy of Gaal’s body revealed she’d been stabbed a grisly 60 times in her torso, left arm, and neck. The stab in the neck pierced her carotid artery and her trachea.

These same sources also spoke to the outlet that Gaal also had a few knife wounds on the palms of her hands, along with some on the inside of her fingers.

Check out the details from the Daily Wire on this gruesome case:

Police are trying to recreate Gaal’s final hours. PIX11 reported that Gaal apparently told her 13-year-old son that she was going out to see a show but ended up meeting up with a man, whom police sources say killed her in the basement of her own home and put her in the duffle bag before moving her body down the street. Surveillance footage appears to show a person dragging a large dark duffle bag hours before Gaal’s body was discovered.

“It’s a mystery,” a New York Police Department official went on to tell the Post. “Now it’s a question of piecing together everything she did that night.”

That same source told the outlet that Gaal started her night out with friends and that police were “pulling video and receipts from those places.”

“She knew the people she was out with,’’ the source continued. “We’re talking to them. We also have to figure out, did she meet some mysterious stranger along the way?”

She reportedly came home just before midnight – and then the man who killed her arrived. Detectives told the outlet they have found no signs of a break-in, believing at this time that Gaal knew her attacker.

Gaal’s husband, Howard Klein, and their 17-year-old son were reportedly in Portland, Oregon, touring colleges at the time she was murdered. A source told PIX11 that Klein allegedly received a threatening text message after his wife was murdered that said, “Your whole family is next.”

Klein then spoke with the Post on Saturday, stating that he and his son were both on their way home from looking at colleges and repeatedly told the news outlet that their lives “are at stake.”

“There are concerns about our safety,” he told the Post. “Our lives are at risk.”

“Neighbors told the Post they saw the couple’s younger son, who is only 13, getting taken away in handcuffs by police on Saturday. Police sources told the Post that the teen was questioned at the local precinct and returned home. Authorities did not say who took custody of the teenager,” the report revealed.

“Something is not adding up. But there are cameras along the way,” a police source reportedly said to the Post. “They’ll tell if it’s an adult or a child.”

This is just plain outright horrifying. And the possibility this crime might have been committed by a 13-year-old or another child is truly disturbing. It’s bad enough when the killer is an adult.

When a young person commits a vicious crime, one so full of hate, like Gaal’s, it makes your skin crawl.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather