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New Mexico Woman Who Tossed Her Baby In A Dumpster Now Has Change Of Heart

We first heard of this story back in late January. A New Mexico woman named Alexis Avila had just given birth to a baby boy. Allegedly, she then put the baby into a garbage bag and “tossed” the bag into a dumpster, an incident that was caught on video and widely viewed across the country. It was heartbreaking to watch.

What in the world would prompt someone to take the life they had been growing inside their body, which they felt kicking and moving around, knowing it was made from a piece of them, and just throw it away like that? Is there a reason for this or is it just simply selfish behavior coming out of the heart of an individual who does not want to take responsibility for her actions?

Once the child was discovered by passersby, the infant was taken via helicopter to a nearby hospital where he was treated for severe hypothermia. During a subsequent hearing, prosecutors stated:

In my 27 years of doing this, I have never seen anyone, child or adult, have a temperature that was not read with a digital thermometer.”

Fortunately and remarkably, the baby survived and is now living with the father, Stephen Astorga, and his parents. According to a report by the Daily Mail shortly after the incident in January, the baby’s grandfather, Oscar Astorga, was doing everything he possibly could to gain custody of the little boy, who has since been named Saul.

“Of course, we’re trying to get custody. Of course. He is my grandson. That’s why we can’t comment on anything because we’re trying to get my grandson.”

According to a report by KRQE, however, Avila’s attorneys have now filed a motion for visitation rights for Avila and perhaps even more. We’ve also learned that Avila had almost immediate regrets, having gone on to say on the night of her arrest, “If the baby is okay, I want it.” It now appears that Avila’s lawyers may indeed be looking to have the young mother regain custody of baby Saul.

Seriously? What makes these folks think this woman won’t do something worse the second time around?

While this tragic situation plays out in the courts, Avila herself remains under house arrest. Her attorneys have argued, “she shouldn’t face felony child abuse with great bodily harm since the baby survived.” Meanwhile, prosecutors have been adamant in their position:

“This wasn’t someone driving to the hospital, driving to a clinic, driving to a friend’s, driving to someone to seek help. She knew what she was doing at the time.”

Regardless of the outcome, the story remains a tear-jerker. Avila is only eighteen years old, but that fact is no excuse, though many have tried to use it as one. She’s old enough to grasp the full weight of what she was doing and the likelihood that she was essentially murdering her child when she threw it in the dumpster. What’s equally sad about the story is what it says about American culture.

We live in a society where sex has been sensationalized, childbirth has been trivialized, and human life has been minimized. Narcissism is now something to be applauded, and if babies are inconvenient, abort them. Murder is no big deal if it allows you to live your life without consequences, right? It’s all about you, and your life, young lady. Don’t worry about the precious life within you. Such incidents as these are enabled by such a mindset and are inevitable. The baby was already delivered? So, what? It’s just a baby.

Perhaps Alexis Avila has truly changed. Maybe she sincerely regrets what she did and has a better grasp on the preciousness of life. Let’s hope that’s the case, and let’s pray that Avila grows into a strong and nurturing mother for baby Saul. And let’s also pray that our culture rethinks its disregard for human life, particularly the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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Featured photo is a mug shot from Hobbs, New Mexico Police Department.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather