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Report Says Authorities Have Now Captured Man Suspected Of Opening Fire In NYC Subway

Law enforcement officials have reportedly captured the man who was suspected of opening fire in a New York City subway on Tuesday. The assault ended with more than two dozen people injured.

The New York Post, the publication responsible for breaking the story, went on to say that sources in law enforcement shared with them that they had taken the 62-year-old black man into custody.

“James was spotted in the East Village, near St. Marks Place and First Avenue,” ABC News reported, pointing out that the arrest came after “the NYPD was alerted to his presence by pictures on social media.”

The NY Times then went on to report that the suspect “was expected to face a terrorism-related charge brought by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn’s Eastern District.”

Newsweek stated on Tuesday that the suspect named in this incident had already been on the FBI’s radar, saying “A federal law enforcement source told Newsweek that a suspect in Tuesday morning’s Brooklyn subway attack was previously known to the FBI and was entered into the Guardian lead system in New Mexico, though he was cleared after multiple interviews in 2019.”

Here are more details from The Daily Wire:

Videos from the attack on the subway showed that the air was filled with smoke from smoke bombs that had been detonated. The suspect fired dozens of rounds during the attack, hitting at least 10 people. Another 19 people were injured in the chaos that ensued from the attack., a fact-finding website, identified a Facebook page allegedly belonging to the suspect which contained numerous posts that talked about shooting people and expressed other extreme views, including “black nationalism.”

Andy Ngo, Editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, tweeted out screenshots from the Facebook account which featured posts that promoted the Black Liberation Army, Black Lives Matter, a photo of the man who murdered five police officers in Dallas in 2016, a photo calling to “kill all the whiteys,” posts quoting communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, posts expressing support for shooting people, and posts demonizing former President Donald Trump.

YouTube videos allegedly uploaded by the suspect also showed extreme views, including one where he allegedly called 9/11 “the most beautiful day, probably in the history of this fucking world.”

The suspect also allegedly went on a massive rant in the videos about white people, going on to say, “the vast majority of people, white motherf***** are racist.”

Yeah, this sounds like a real chip off the old block, doesn’t it?

Will the liberal news media actually do their jobs and report the truth about this man, that he’s a racist, or will they ignore that fact because it flies in the face of the racially divisive narrative they want to push on behalf of the Democratic Party?

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather