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The Killing Seemed Like A Murder-For-Hire Plot; But Then The Wife’s Deep, Dark Secret Was Discovered

To those in his neighborhood, Jamie Faith was an all around good fella, fun-loving, friendly, loved his family, and was just in general well-liked by those who lived close by.

Which is why when Faith was gunned down outside of his home in Dallas, right smack in the middle of the day on October 9, 2020, folks wondered who could possibly dislike the man so much as to kill him so brutally?

Jamie Faith was shot three times in the head, three times in his chest, and then once in the groin, in what many assumed was some kind of contract killing. Jamie’s wife, Jennifer, spoke with local law enforcement and stated that the shooter attacked her also and duct taped her wrists together. CBS News reported that Jaime was pronounced dead on the scene.

A front door security camera recorded footage from the Faith’s home and captured images of the couple exiting the house just before the attack happened. One of the couple’s neighbors and other surveillance cameras in the area were also able to capture images of the suspect’s vehicle, which was a black Nissan with a white “T” deal located on the back window. Many individuals thought the “T” was a reference to the Texas Rangers baseball team, but it actually stood for the University of Tennessee.

Jennifer went on television after the horrific murder and begged for the killer to turn themselves in, according to the CBS report.

“I just hope that at some point, maybe, this person can recognize the gravity of what they’ve done and feel some sort of guilt enough to come forward,” she went on to say.

Jennifer Svelan, a neighbor of the couple’s, even started a GoFundMe account in order to help Jennifer and her daughter cover expenses. The account raised over $60,000.

Here are more details from The Daily Wire:

Jennifer’s story of the grieving widow began to unravel after police reviewed her phone and discovered she had been speaking to her high school sweetheart, Darrin Lopez, an Army veteran whom Jennifer had planned to marry before she met Jamie. Text messages revealed Jennifer discussing her “full-blown emotional affair” with Lopez, telling a friend that Jamie “knows it.” Jennifer said in the texts that she and Lopez broke up because she was finishing college and he was being deployed to South Korea. She said he served for 26 years, retired, and had recently found her.

“Cell phone records show that they had been in contact with one another thousands of times since reconnecting in March 2020,” CBS revealed in its report.

Authorities focused on Lopez, tracking his financial records and conducting aerial surveillance of his home in Tennessee, the outlet reported. There they found a black Nissan truck with a white “T” decal parked on the property. Lopez was arrested in Tennessee on January 11, 2021. A search of his home and one of his vehicles led to the discovery of “the alleged murder weapon, credit cards in Jennifer Faith’s name, and a mask matching the description of the face mask that Jennifer recalled seeing on the shooter,” CBS reported.

After Lopez was charged with the murder, Jennifer continued to stand by him, even reaching out to a third party to try and get a message to him that said: “Please tell him ASAP I will always be his.”

“I need to let Darrin know I am with him, will always be with him, regardless if [sic] whatever happened,” she also stated.

“Police also discovered fake emails that Jennifer had sent to Lopez posing as her husband, Jamie, and a former coworker. In the emails, the fake coworker told Lopez that Jamie had abused Jennifer, that ‘he’s been burning her, among other things,’” the report from the Daily Wire revealed.

The emails seemed to be an attempt to goad Lopez into killing Jamie in order to prevent him from abusing Jennifer.

Local authorities also uncovered evidence that Jennifer attempted to help Lopez cover up the killing, sending him a text message informing him he needed to remove the “T” decal from the back window of his vehicle.

“I think you need to get that sticker off ASAP … like today,” she went on to write.

“Authorities also determined that Jennifer used the proceeds from the GoFundMe campaign to buy gifts for Lopez after the murder, including a big-screen TV and airline tickets,” the report continued.

“For his part, Lopez told police that Jennifer asked him to help kill her husband and that he drove from Tennessee to Dallas to commit the murder. He said he shot Jamie in the groin because of the abuse allegations,” the report added.

“Despite cooperating with authorities, Darrin Lopez pleaded not guilty to murdering Jamie Faith. His attorney has publicly said that Jennifer took advantage of Lopez who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the Army,” CBS then stated.

Jennifer was then arrested on February 24, 2021 and charged with obstruction of justice. A charge of murder for hire was also tacked on about seven months later. She ended up pleading guilty to these charges on February 7, 2022. She now faces life in prison without parole.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather