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WATCH: Crowd ROARS for DeSantis at UFC Event

Are Floridians furious and frustrated with their governor, Ron DeSantis, over the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, as woke companies like Disney and far-left “news” sources like MSNBC would have you believe? No, no they’re not. At least not the normal Floridians that like not having schools propagandize to their kids.

The proof in the pudding is how DeSantis is treated by crowds. Unlike obviously unpopular politicians like Joe Biden, who for a good chunk of 2021 was booed around the nation with cries of “Let’s Go, Brandon!” and “F*** Joe Biden”, DeSantis is cheered with wild applause when he appears before the people of Florida.

Such was the case when DeSantis appeared at a UFC event in Jacksonville; the crowd went absolutely wild when DeSantis showed up.

Benny, a Turning Point figure, tweeted out about the incident too, highlighting just why Floridians and UFC fans were going wild at the sight of DeSantis: they love him because he’s a fighter. Speaking about that, Benny said:

Ron DeSantis given a champion prize fighter’s welcome at UFC last night.

Listen to the crowd roar.

This is why Democrats are abandoning Florida. They have utterly lost the culture war. Other red state governors take note.

The base demands fighters 🥊

Indeed. No one cheers for RINOs like that. Biden gets booed. Conservative, Inc. losers get ignored. But fighters for the MAGA base? They get welcomed with roaring, raucous applause because they’re fighters that don’t back down and stand up for their constituents.

UFC fans in particular have good cause to cheer DeSantis. About a year ago, when a good chunk of the country was still shut down because of the left’s Fauci-induced overreaction to Covid, DeSantis welcomed the UFC to Florida and encouraged it to do live, in-person events. Speaking on that after the fact, he said:

We didn’t have the big fans for it yet. I told (UFC President) Dana (White), listen, when you guys are ready to come, you know, have the crowd, Florida needs to be the first place to do UFC with the fans.

There’s a lot of stuff that comes flying at you, particularly from media, social media, all this stuff. Some people don’t like to handle that. Dana White goes right in the teeth of that. Welcome to Florida. You guys aren’t the only one looking to come to this oasis of freedom.”

In any case, the crowd was obviously happy to see DeSantis this year and DeSantis was obviously excited to be there and to be welcomed with such applause, as can be seen in his thumbs up reaction to the crowd’s roaring cheers.

DeSantis has done a brilliant job as governor and has obviously put the sunshine state on the right track; the crowd is giving him his due. Now we’ll just have to see if he decides to try to take that leadership style to the national level and put the whole US back on the right track.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics