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Check Out What Jada Pinkett Smith Did Just One Day After Hubby Will Smith Banned From Oscars For A Decade

Jada Pinkett Smith, just one day after her husband Will Smith got banned from the Oscars for a decade over slapping comedian Chris Rock during this year’s award show, wore a big, bright smile on her face as she appeared at her first red carpet event since the incident occurred.

Ever since the situation happened, fans have started to question the role that Jada might have played in what took place, along with the couple’s odd relationship.

Jada made her way down the red carpet accompanied by Shonda Rhimes and Debbie Allen for the grand opening of the Rhimes Performing Arts Center, which will now be the home for Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, according to a report from Fox News.

The Daily Wire has more details:

The “Matrix Reloaded” star wore a strapless gold gown with matching earrings and heels. Her public appearance comes one day after Will addressed the Academy’s decision to ban him from attending Oscars events for ten years.

“This action we are taking today in response to Will Smith’s behavior is a step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of our performers and guests and restoring trust in the academy,” an open letter from the Academy’s CEO and President went on to say. “We also hope this can begin a time of healing and restoration for all involved and impacted.”

“I accept and respect the academy’s decision,” the actor said in his response to the statement from the Academy.

Meanwhile, followers have begun exploring the Smith’s marriage, trying to figure out what spurred Will to resort to such extremes to defend his wife.

A clip of Jada filming Will even as he begs her to stop has some fans claiming their marriage is at best dysfunctional and at worst abusive.

“I would say don’t just start filming me without asking me if you could film me,” Will says to his wife in the recently resurfaced Instagram clip, The Daily Wire reported.

“I’m still dealing with this foolishness,” Jada says, addressing Smith’s reluctance.

Will responds by saying, ““My social media presence is my bread and butter, so you can’t just use me for social media. … Don’t just start [rolling].”

When it came time for reactions to the clip, Twitter did not disappoint.

“This is worse than [the movie] Get Out,” Fleccas responded.

“Blink twice if you’re in danger, Will,” Gina Bontempo said.

Folks were also pretty pissed off about Jada laughing after Smith smacked the Rock at the Oscars, saying she should have stopped him.

“People saying Will Smith was protecting Jada, Why wasn’t JADA protecting Will from literally ruining his entire career?” actor Michael Rapaport stated in a post published on Twitter. “My Wife would’ve been fighting me before I sat down for making an a**hole of myself & our family.”

This woman seems to have a few screws loose in that dome of hers.


This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather