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Student Brings The Heat Against Atlantic Writer Over Dismissal Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Daniel Schmidt, a student who attends the University of Chicago, brought the heat hard and heavy against the mainstream media for doing their best to ignore the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election, a story that might have swayed the whole race a different direction had things been fairly reported.

Schmidt made an appearance on “Fox & Friends First,” stating that it was “unsurprising” when a reporter with a liberal bias dismissed the story as not being “interesting.”

During a campus event that was held on Wednesday, Schmidt asked Atlantic reporter Annie Applebaum whether or not she believed the major media outlets acted inappropriately when they decided to dismiss the Hunter Biden story as nothing more than “Russian disinformation.” She responded by stating she thought the laptop was “irrelevant.”

Schmidt then pointed out the irony of the situation, as the event was focused on addressing disinformation but his question concerning Biden’s laptop was ignored.

“It’s just an example of how journalists, the elite ruling class, views what Americans care about as irrelevant to them and not worthy of any attention,” he said to host Carley Shimkus.

Schmidt then went on to note the contradiction between Applebaum’s claims whilere there were efforts being made by the mainstream media to try and discredit the Hunter Biden story completely.

“It doesn’t really make much sense how it’s at one point irrelevant, but another point so worthy of getting out of the media sphere,” he said.

Here’s more from Fox News:

Christopher Phillips, another student who attended the campus event, pressed CNN’s Brian Stelter on journalistic ethics and the bias seen in mainstream media. Stelter, like Applebaum, dismissed the tough question, saying it is a “popular right-wing narrative about CNN.”

Schmidt said he and Phillips were the only students who asked important and difficult questions.

“You feel like most people nowadays are totally uninterested in actually grilling them,” he went on to say. “They just accept what they’re told as truth, and they accept the censorship as just normal. It’s really worrying.”

While he hopes more of his peers will speak up and ask questions, he said there is a “serious” need to study the way mainstream media immediately claimed the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation.

“The distrust in the media is so rampant,” he stated. “Something has to be done about it.”

There are a lot of news organizations out there with a slant to one side or the other. That isn’t necessarily the problem. The problem is these organizations aren’t often honest about it. At least not the liberal ones.

It’s fine to be slanted in one direction or the other so long as you are open about that from the get-go and at least attempt to allow the other side to express their thoughts and opinions on the stories you cover.

However, it’s preferable to have news sources that are nothing more than presenting facts of a story and allowing people to make up their own minds. We need a whole lot more of that kind of journalism these days.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather