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Mark Wahlberg Slams Cancel Culture, Champions Grace in Beautiful Statement

Mark Wahlberg, discussing his new movie, “Father Stu,” with Faithwire, tore into cancel culture and, using his movie’s message of grace and redemption to show just how deleterious cancel culture really is.

The movie is about boxer-turned-priest Stuart Long. Long moved to Hollywood hoping to start an acting career but things didn’t go as expected; fortunately, however, he met a woman and started attending church with her in order to start dating her, a decision that ultimately led to his not only accepting the Faith but also becoming a man of God.

It’s a come to faith, redemption story that’s being released just in time for Easter, right on time to pull more people toward the Faith.

But beyond just being important as a religious story that teaches people about God’s grace, it’s important in the context of American culture. Specifically, it’s important in the context of the cancel culture craze that has swept across America thanks to the left.

Speaking on the topic of cancel culture and the need for grace, Wahlberg said:

This movie has a very clear message that we are not going to give up on people. We are not going to turn our backs on people because of mistakes that they’ve made. We are going to tell people and encourage people that nobody is beyond redemption and that we support you, we love you, we accept you for who you are.

Continuing, he said “You cannot give up on people. And people are so quick to turn their backs on people. And negativity as a whole has just been amplified in a way that it’s really hard to remind people of the importance of loving and supporting people. People can do incredible things.”

Later, echoing that message and explaining what he hopes to get out of the film, Wahlberg said:

If this is a movie that really changes people’s lives and motivates them and inspires them to do great things — you know, all I really gotta do is convert one person, and I get to go through the pearly gates. So If I can continue to do that in a major way, remaining humble and just doing it for all the right reasons, then I would much rather have that be my legacy than being the biggest box office star in the world. I would like to have a legacy that I had a positive impact on some people.”

Fortunately, it seems like just the story to do so. With an all-star cast (Mel Gibson also stars in the film), a great story, and a release date right around Easter, all the stars seem to be aligning to make Wahlberg’s hopes come true.

Hopefully, it does convert people and brings Americans toward God and away from cancel culture. During such dark and contentious times as these, such a movie as Whalberg’s is exactly what America needs, particularly the message of grace and forgiveness.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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