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Senator Drops Bombshell About One Of Hunter Biden’s Business Partners

Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from the state of Wisconsin issued a warning on Newsmax stating that one of Hunter Biden’s business partners, Patrick Ho, who is alleged to be a “Chinese spy thief,” could mean that President Joe Biden has been compromised by the Chinese government.

Making an appearance on “Stinchfield,” Johnson said, “there’s a number of business firms that Hunter was involved in [that] were getting wire transfers directly from these companies that were tied directly to the [Chinese Communist Party]. In some cases, the People’s Liberation Army as well.”

“Hunter Biden knew full well who he was dealing with,” Johnson continued. “Remember one of those transfers — a million dollars — to represent Patrick Ho, who is now a convicted felon on money laundering and bribery charges. But there’s an email where Hunter Biden says that he is the ‘expletive deleted spy chief of China.’”

According to a report published by the National Pulse, an audio clip is listed of Hunter mentioning the alleged “spy chief of China.” Newsmax then stated that they were not able to confirm the validity of the clip.

Here are more details from Newsmax:

According to the New York Post, one former FBI agent, Steve Gray, said, “it’s extremely apparent that Joe Biden is ‘the big guy,’ and I don’t think anyone looking at this seriously and objectively doubts that at all.”

“But look,” he goes on to add, “even if somehow ‘the big guy’ did not refer to Joe Biden, there would still be a serious national security problem.”

“No one in this country not named Joe Biden would be granted a security clearance with these kinds of nefarious dealings occurring with a close relative. It just wouldn’t happen,” he said.

“We must consider,” Gray went on to state, “both Joe and Hunter Biden [are] compromised by the Chinese government.”

No matter how you slice the cheese, there’s shady business connections between Hunter Biden and China, and by extension, the current president of the United States.

That, of course, creates a national security risk that could compromise a lot of our institutions. But hey, why would the Biden’s care, right? After all, these sort of dealings have put fat stacks of cash in their pockets.

Let’s hope that Hunter receives the kind of consequences he deserves for being dirty, corrupt, and underhanded.


This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather