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Fight Over Bowling Ball Takes Serious Turn; Woman Left Dead In Barrage Of Gunfire

An argument over a bowling ball escalated into a gunfight on March 18th.

Isn’t it amazing the stupid things that we as human beings get into serious fights over? A group of individuals, supposedly adults, got so twisted up over a bowling ball that they pulled guns on each other and then opened fire, like it was the Old West and someone violated another person’s honor.


Atlanta police have arrested 25-year-old Joshua Fleetwood for allegedly murdering Lakevia Jackson at the Metro Fun Center.

An investigation into the incident has revealed that Mr. Fleetwood was on a date at the Metro Fun Center. He and his date were bowling next to Lakevia Jackson’s family before the incident occurred. Mr. Fleetwood got into an argument with Jackson’s family before they all left the building.

Once outside the bowling alley, two of the women began to argue again. Police say that someone from each side of the argument then retrieved firearms from their vehicles.

What in the world made these folks think that this was the kind of argument that required guns to solve? It is beyond me how stupid some people in this world can be.

Shot during the exchange of fire, Lakevia Jackson subsequently died from her injuries. She was the mother of a teenager whose father is the Grammy Award winner Young Thug.

Atlanta Police Department Homicide Commander Ralph Woolfolk said,

“They got into an argument over a bowling ball. They were on adjacent lanes at which time they were bowling, and that argument escalated. At no point were their weapons inside of the location. At no point did anyone come there with the intention of hurting anyone or firing upon anyone. This was not a drive-by.”

True Crime Daily reported that Fleetwood has a history of run-ins with the law.

Lt. Ralph Woolfolk added that 41% of homicides in Atlanta this year stem from escalating disputes. What this means is there is an increase in the number of alleged adults in our society who cannot use their words to de-escalate a situation, or who choose not to do that, opting to solve problems with violence instead, caring little for how much damage this one choice can cause.

That means that many precious lives are lost because people are not able to cool their emotions. According to this story, Jackson would not have lost her life if the individuals involved would have been able to settle their differences without pulling guns on each other.

What is the answer to ending the violence happening in places like Atlanta? Do people believe that if you would take away the firearms, the homicide statistics would magically drop? Or think that stabbing homicides spike?

I agree with Lieut. Ralph Woolfolk. These days, people have trouble solving their conflicts, and their blinding rage continues t0 hurt and kill people.

Eliminating the guns from the equation will not solve any of Atlanta’s problems. No matter how much the liberals try to push that narrative.

Until we can fix the human problem, we will continue to run around in circles like a dog chasing its tail, always trying to find or rule out the weapon of choice.

How do we fix the problem? The answer is more profound than what can be written in this article. But it must include stronger family structures, a value for human life, and hope for future generations. Without these things instilled in our youth, we are doomed.

It’s also a good idea for schools to start teaching de-escalation techniques to children so that as these kids grow up they know how to either prevent altercations from happening or to calm the situation down if one starts up.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather