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Check Out What This IL School District’s Special Needs Slideshow Is Telling Children What NOT To Say

A school district that’s located just outside of the city of Chicago has apparently been urging its special needs students not to use the phrase “All Lives Matter” prior to hosting a week that is seemingly dedicated to indoctrinating kids with the ideas that flow out from the Black Lives Matter movement, according to curriculum materials that have been reviewed by the folks at the Daily Wire.

“District 65 in Evanston, Illinois, participated in the BLM Week of Action in February. The program comes from the national group BLM at School, which demands ‘black history and ethnic studies’ in K-12 curriculum, restorative justice discipline, the funding of ‘counselors not cops’ and the hiring of more black teachers, according to its website,” the Daily Wire report said.

According to the controversial slideshow, District 65 presented material to special needs students concerning the BLM movement the Friday before the week the program was due to take place.

One of the slides in the show is called, “Why don’t we say ‘All Lives Matter’” and depicts a house on fire and someone saying “All Houses Matter,” while there is another home being hosed off with water.

“This is important!” the speakers notes for the slide go on to say. “Even if it remains here for the adults! This is a tricky concept but should be talked about even if it’s just for the adults in the room.”

Here are more details from the report:

Another slide in the presentation had special needs students “stand in a circle” and put out their hands. The students were to “notice how everyone has different color skin.” In turn, the teacher was instructed to say, “Who in this circle has brown skin?”

The slides define the words “movement,” “racism,” and “activist” for the special needs students. They also say that the BLM movement is a “group of people [who] believe that violence and racism is wrong,” introducing founders of the left-wing movement Alicia Garza, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

The BLM Global Network Foundation has come under heavy scrutiny as of late due to its finances. The group purchased a $6 million Los Angeles mansion with donor money in October 2020, New York Magazine first reported, and purged its fundraising operations more than two months ago after chief legal officers across the U.S. threatened the group for not reporting how it spent the $90 million it received that year.

A parent of a third-grade student who attends school in the district stated that he was “disturbed” by the materials.

“I think they’re trying to undermine arguments that kids might hear outside the school,” the concerned parent stated. “I believe they’re trying to put a division between children and parents. It’s so shocking. You hear about this stuff, but then to see it right in front of you.”

Another slide located toward the end of the presentation was a “read aloud” of a book titled, “Giant Steps to Change the World” made by filmmakers Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee. “White people need to be taking giant steps,” a note located in the speakers’ section says.

When the Daily Wire requested a comment, a spokesperson for District 65 declined.


This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather