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Father Now Facing Criminal Charges After Making Accusation Against Woke Activist

The black dad of a kid attending an elite public school is now facing four Class 3 Misdemeanor charges after he accused a left-wing education activist of exhibiting “grooming” behavior.

The charges come from a dispute that started over education policy between the dad, Harry Jackson, who used to serve as a Naval intelligence officer whose child attends Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax, Virginia, and member of the TJ Alumni Action Group, Jorge Torrico.

The group Torrico belongs to has been advocating for the abolition of an entrance exam to the school.

The Daily Wire has more details on this situation:

The tweet was written in November 2020, after Torrico attended an online TJ PTSA meeting — despite not having a child at the school — and interacted with the student government president, a high school senior. Torrico asked the student leader about outreach he was doing for a middle school leadership event. In the chat, Torrico wrote: “outreach is very key for equity.” The student president asked Torrico for his email.

The next day, Jackson, a high school football and lacrosse referee, wrote on Twitter, “It was very disturbing seeing you exhibit ‘grooming’ behavior. I do work with children and I get background checks, I suggest you do the same because last night was creepy.”

TJ Principal Ann Bonitatibus also expressed concerns about Torrico’s interaction with the student in a November 23, 2020, email: “the original question that was posed by the parent about selection for the leadership summit would have been best addressed to a middle school principal, not to our SGA students… An exchange such as what happened on the Zoom meeting, while all within the public eye, is proof positive why FCPS has clear guidelines for which platforms are used for adults to interact with students.”

Torrico has not, as of this writing, returned a request for comment filed through the TJ Alumni Action Group.

“The charges come even as Fairfax County prosecutor Steve Descano — a progressive who narrowly won his primary election with the help of funding from George Soros — has pledged not to prosecute minor crimes that ‘disproportionately hurt people of color,’ and routinely declines to pursue crimes he deems minor,” the report continued.

Just last month, Descano’s office let a woman off the hook after she allegedly abused an infant. Then on March 18, the office spoke to the judge saying they would not be pursuing the woman due to the fact “there are no ACA’s [prosecutors] available for a four-day jury trial beginning on March 21, 2022.”

When the Daily Wire sent out a request for a comment to Descano, there was no immediate response.

On Sept. 23, 2021, Torrico appeared before a Fairfax County magistrate and filed two criminal complaints against Jackson. He then called attention to the role Jackson played in suing the school district, stating, “Harry R. Jackson is a plaintiff on two lawsuits against FCPS.”

“Magistrate Richard M. Miller issued two misdemeanor summons against Jackson citing Section 18.2-417, an obscure law enacted in 1950 making it illegal to “slander and libel” the chastity of a woman. In the 1970s, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the criminalization of speech protected by the First Amendment, but the Virginia statute has remained in code. In 2020, the Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature changed the language to make it illegal to express ‘words derogatory’ about a ‘person’s character for virtue and chastity,’ instead of a ‘female’s character,’” the report revealed.

According to The Daily Wire, the summons went on to state that Jackson’s words could end up breaking the law by being insults that “tend to violence and breach the peace.”

Jackson’s attorney went on to argue that “the criminalization of protected writings or statements, First Amendment speech — ignoring the face-to-face fighting words requirement of constitutionally-permissible criminalization.”

Earlier this year, back in January, two police officers from Fairfax County served Jackson at his home. Jackson made sure to record a video of the incident.

Then, on February 23, an attorney for Jackson requested that a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge to toss out the case. However, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Paul Vitali sought a continuance and received a hearing date all set for April 22.

“Two days later, federal judge Claude Hilton ruled in favor of Jackson’s group on the TJ admissions lawsuit, deciding that the new admissions policy is discriminatory to Asian American students,” the report added.

“Two weeks after that, on March 14, 2022, Torrico filed two more criminal complaints, alleging that Jackson appeared on a local cable show and said Torrico had ‘exhibited grooming behavior,’ and that nearly a year prior, he had tweeted ‘Poor attempt at character assassination from a person who stalks kids online.’ A Fairfax County magistrate again issued two misdemeanor summons’ against Jackson,” the Daily Wire reported.

The school board stated that it would appeal the ruling that it’s abolishing of the TJ admissions test discriminates against Asians, and on March 31, a federal court then agreed to allow the new admissions system to stay in place during the appeal process.

“Jackson’s attorney Marina Medvin filed a motion to dismiss his cases on Friday, arguing that they are unconstitutional. According to court records in Fairfax County General District Court, a judge will hold a hearing on the motion on April 8, 2022,” the report revealed.

If the charges are not dismissed, Jackson will make an appearance in court on April 22.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather