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NBA Star Unloads on Leftist NYC Mayor (Watch)

Surprisingly, the (in)famously liberal NBA has had a few recalcitrant players refuse to take the Fauci Ouchie, even when doing so is mandated by a city the stars are playing in.

For example, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is unable to play in his home city of New York because of the vaccine mandate created by de Blasio and maintained by his disappointing successor, Eric Adams.

Well, now there’s another NBA star slamming New York for maintaining a jab mandate when the country is way past being over Covid. That would be Kevin Durant, who stepped up in a recent press conference and backed up Kyrie Irving, slamming Mayor Eric Adams for maintaining a mandate that prevents Irving from playing in his home city and dazzling fans.

Watch him do so here:

As you can hear in the video, Durant says:

It’s ridiculous. I don’t get it. It just feels like at this point now somebody’s trying to make a statement or a point to flex their authority. 

“Everybody out here’s looking for attention. That’s what I feel the mayor wants right now, is some attention. But he’ll figure it out soon, he better.

 “Are they fearing our safety? I don’t get it. We’re all confused. Everybody in the world is confused at this point. Early on in the season, people didn’t understand what was going on. But now, it just looks stupid. Hopefully, Eric, you gotta figure this out.”

Indeed, it is ridiculous. Irving can enter the stadium and watch his teammates play; that’s okay. But he can’t hop down onto the court and play with them. Oh, and he can play in other cities. The science is apparently different there, or something.

MSN, reporting on the current situation with Irving, notes that:

Irving, a star guard for the Nets, remains unable to play with his team on their home court because he is unvaccinated. Irving can play in most road games but is ineligible to play in games in New York City — at Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden — because of the city’s private sector vaccine mandate.

However, like other unvaccinated individuals, Irving is now permitted to attend the game and do so without wearing a mask.

Here he is at that game without a mask or jab, able to sit but unable to sit with his team or play:

Makes total sense! I wonder how “the science” figured out that sitting in the crowded bleachers without a mask or jab is safe but playing on the court, sitting with the team, and walking into the locker room with the team isn’t. I never would have realized that without “the science,” that’s for sure!

We’ll see how much longer this insanity goes on before Eric Adams and the other mayors maintaining mandates give up and cancel the mandates, then pretending like they never even instituted them in the first place. My guess would be that the next election might have a role to play in that shift…not “the science.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics