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Epic: Montana to Do This In Response to Oil Price Explosion

Don’t like paying $5 per gallon at the pump because some DC bureaucrat or leftist politico thinks that it’s your sacred duty to defeat Russia by bankrupting yourself buying Iranian and Venezuelan crude instead of Russian oil?

Well, you’re not alone. Though many insist the cause of the oil price spike isn’t a lack of production, or even a lack of increased production to meet demand in the wake of America cutting off Russian oil, many think otherwise and are preparing to act, taking steps to deal with the oil price crisis despite the seemingly senile president’s orders.

Those brave individuals are in Montana, one of the last remaining states where freedom is cherished in the way it was in the days of American glory, perhaps because of the cowboy culture in the state and the high degree of self-reliance required by the brutal weather and vast distances between scarce population centers.

Whatever the cause of its fighting spirit, Montanans are standing up to Biden by reopening oil wells and pumping crude. As the Western Journal reports:

In response to rapidly rising gas prices, the Montana Petroleum Association has announced that wells in the Bakken oil fields are officially going back online.

KTVH, adding more details, reports that:

Alan Olson, executive director of the Montana Petroleum Association, says that at around $80 a barrel the Bakken oil fields become more stable between costs and profits. So, at current prices, the Montana Petroleum Association is seeing a growing interest in restarting idled wells in the Bakken oil fields in eastern Montana.

Responding to the massively higher price of oil, Montana’s oilmen are striking back and reopening wells.

However, despite the higher price meaning a higher chance of earning a profit, the oilmen still face major challenges. For one, getting the requisite equipment has, according to the Western Journal, proven a challenge, as has finding good workers to higher.

And still that’s not all. Again according to Alan Olson, quoted by the Western Journal:

There’s a lot of uncertainty that the industry is facing with upcoming new federal regulations. You know, we had a lot of discussion over the methane fee that was part of the Build Back Better bill. I mean, that would have hammered the small producers. Actually, it would have hammered everybody.

The referenced “methane fee,” was part of the as yet unpassed Build Back Better bill, a fee on methane emissions, which are produced by oil and natural gas production. Oil producers, not knowing if Biden will get that greatly disliked bill passed, have to consider the skyrocketing costs that could come from the methane tax.

But still, despite all those challenges, despite the anti-fossil fuel rhetoric, Montana’s oilmen are reopening old wells and hopefully about to start pumping crude that will drive down the cost of gas, pushing it back toward a reasonable level despite the disaster in the White House and the green energy radicals in his administration.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative