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Desantis’ Major Warning about What the Left will Do after Midterms

The left is calming down a bit now that midterms are imminent. Calls for vaccine mandates have gone out the window (for now), as have all the other demands that they were pushing before the unpopularity of those calls became widely known. “Defund the police,” for example, has turned into “we support the police.” For now, at least.

Well, according to Florida governor Ron DeSantis, the rock-ribbed conservative second only to Trump in how much he infuriates the left, we shouldn’t get used to it. In his view, the left will go back to pushing mandates and demanded all the other demented leftist policies as soon as the midterms are over.

Specifically, DeSantis focused on the vaccine mandates in his comments, which came during a discussion in Doral, Florida. Beginning, he said:

The minute those elections are over, they will impose mandates if they feel the need to do that. They will impose restrictions.

Continuing on that line of thought and emphasizing that Democrat policies are unpopular because “people want to be able to make decisions for themselves,” but also saying that the Democrats don’t want people to remember their push for tyranny, DeSantis said:

And so that will happen. If those types of people are allowed to be put in power — my view on that is, they’ve put Fauci in the witness protection program because he will say, you know, ‘no, you should still wear a mask,’ and he’s never going to say be normal, go back to normal. So they know that, and they know that that’s not what people want.”

Then, giving voice to the conservative view on the subject of mandates, DeSantis defended individual liberty quite strongly, saying:

There’s nothing wrong if on an individual basis you make a certain calculation. That’s fine. We encourage you to do that. But it’s wrong to mandate people and restrict people, and that will happen. I guarantee you, winter of 2022, any of those folks that are there, you are going to see that happen.

How can we defend our individual liberty and prevent them from lying before the 2022 midterms and then going crazy pushing radical policies as soon as elections are over? By electing conservatives to office in a massive red wave. As DeSantis put it:

The only way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to have nice, big, red wave. So, we’ll see.

DeSantis makes a good point, a very good point, in this speech: the left hasn’t changed its minds on jab mandates or anything else, it’s just covering up its radicalness for now in an attempt to coax voters into supporting it.

So, gone is all the talk of mandates, Dr. Fauci is no longer on every MSM channel every night, and the vaccine pushers are generally keeping quiet, waiting until after the midterms to start speaking again.

They haven’t changed their minds, they’re just hiding their opinions; we need to win by swamping them with a massive red wave.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics