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Watch: Pete Buttigeg’s Husband Has Young Children Pledge Allegiance to the Rainbow Flag

Pete Buttigieg is back from “paternity leave” and so, apparently, is his husband, who’s now in the news for having young children pledge allegiance not to Old Glory, but to the rainbow flag. Don’t think the left is indoctrinating your kids? Watch this video exposed by Matt Walsh and think again:

“Pete Buttigieg’s husband leads kids in a pledge of allegiance to the gay pride rainbow”

Walsh, after sharing the video, commented on where it came from, saying:

This is from the Amazon Prime documentary “Mayor Pete.” They proudly filmed and aired this moment. Nobody noticed until now because nobody watched the documentary.

Yes, it’s real. Mayor Pete’s husband, Chasten, led a group of kids at a “gay camp” in a “pledge” to the gay rainbow. Yikes.

If this happened in a school, it is just the sort of thing that the Florida bill, the one the media has smeared as the “don’t say gay bill,” would prohibit. That bill, as a reminder provides that:

A school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students

The video is from a summer camp, not a school, and it’s not clear how old the kids are, so the bill probably wouldn’t apply even if they were in Florida, but it’s an important example of the sort of indoctrination efforts that horrify many parents and that leftists will push on kids if they can get away with doing so. That’s why the Florida bill is so necessary.

Further, it’s important to recognize all that’s going on here. Chasten is the husband of Mayor Pete, now the head of the Department of Transportation. He’s a spouse of a US government official and he’s openly having children pledge allegiance to something other than their nation, indicating that his allegiance lies elsewhere as well. Regardless of what the thing they’re pledging allegiance to is, is that not at least somewhat worrisome?

Beyond that, it’s an ideology being pushed on the labile minds of the youth. Whether they’re pledging allegiance to it or not, that’s sketchy, and indicates what the left is really up to: it’s not educating, it’s indoctrinating. Teaching about homosexuality is one thing; having kids pledge allegiance to it is another.

Predictably, Twitter sounded off.

One commenter, for example, called out the open replacement of God with sexuality in their pledge, saying:

The way they not only took out God completely, but saying “full of pride” like how do people not see this is just WRONG?

Another pointed out the dichotomy in how American kids are educated versus Chinese kids, though it should be noted that this took place at a camp, not a school

Chinese kids missed 2 weeks of school 2 years ago. 100% STEM since then. American children who don’t know which bathroom to use will be lucky if the chinese kids will even hire them as employees when they are all adults…I’m guessing they hire robots.

Another called out what they saw as indoctrination, saying:

This IS pure indoctrination of innocent children. How come parents allow this? Are there any brave lawyers willing to take this man to court? Children are sacred

As did another:

wow almost like they intend to indoctrinate kids into this shit or something

Still another called out what they saw as a slippery slope, saying:

“What someone else does in their bedroom is none of your business” was a steeper and more slippery slope than anyone could’ve imagined.

The video is quite concerning to many conservatives. Those tweets show why.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative