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WATCH – Gov DeSantis Triggers Radicals, Again!

One would think that even the most radical mask enforcers would have snapped back into reality following the end of mask mandates in deep blue states such as California, Illinois, and New York.

Even Saturday Night Live, last week, mocked the 2 years of masks mandates.

A group of friends discusses mask mandates, vaccines, and COVID over dinner.

On Wednesday,  Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis triggered hyper COVID enforcers who took to Twitter claiming the popular Republican governor had yelled at students, pressuring them to take off their masks.

Well, facts are normally a funny thing when exposing lies, but for those who are avid progressive Kool-Aid drinkers, they don’t even matter to them anymore.

In the video that the critics are complaining about, the governor can clearly be heard telling the  students that they have the option to remove their masks.

What caused the uproar was, while speaking at the University of South Florida on Wednesday, DeSantis told a group of reported high school students that they did not need to wear face masks. “You do not have to wear those masks. Please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything. We’ve gotta stop with this COVID theater. So if you wanna wear it, fine, but this is ridiculous,” he said.

The students then proceed to remove their masks, with at least one student smiling after doing so.

This is consistent with the direction the state has moved towards, allowing people to make their own health choices.

For example, a few ago, Governor Deasntais and Florida Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, recorded a 10-minute video of them discussing the FL Department of Health’s new guidelines for businesses recommending against corporations forcing employees to wear masks.

Those recommendations advise against wearing masks in community settings.


There is just no evidence that that is beneficial and it is obviously very uncomfortable,” DeSantis said.

Added Ladapo: “So many of us are happy to see the end of employees having to walk around in masks in hot restaurants when customers are sitting comfortably. There has never been any evidence it’s beneficial.”

In response to DeSantis’s comments to the students, California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu suggested that DeSantis should take “anger management classes.” Again, the video doesn’t show anyone yelling.

Former spokesperson for Obama Kevin Cate said the footage showed “the real” DeSantis. Other left-leaning individuals and organizations took to Twitter to claim DeSantis was bullying students and having a meltdown.

Yahoo! also claimed that DeSantis “lashed out” at students, in spite of what is clearly seen in the video.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes then alleged DeSantis took away the student’s freedom of choice and berated high school students.

In response to leftists’ tweets criticizing the governor’s actions, conservatives chimes in praising DeSantis for following the science, thus encouraging the youth to go back to normal living.

Blue Check Avi Yemini tweeted:

This new video of Florida’s Ron DeSantis is triggering all the right people. The governor urges high school students standing behind him at the presser to “stop with the Covid theatre”. Leftists are fuming about the CHOICE he gave them. Legendary.”

So there you have it, folks, Governor DeSantis doesn’t care about radical leftists’ feelings, but does about the health and safety of students, especially in his home state of Florida.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics