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Actor’s Fearless CPAC Speech Goes After Both Biden And Harris

Eduardo Verastegui, a conservative activist and Mexican actor, appeared at CPAC 2022, speaking to a crowd about an issue near and dear to his heart: the border crisis.

Speaking on that issue, as Breitbart reports, he didn’t stand by a soft line or otherwise encourage any weakness on the topic, as those uninformed about his conservative leanings might have expected given his nationality.

Rather, he went all-in on the topic of border security, blaming Biden and Harris for the catastrophe at the southern border and calling for policies that “make Mexico and America great together.”

To begin the immigration portion of his speech, Verastegui jumped right in with a scorching criticism of Biden and Harris, blaming them from the outset and saying:

I would like to address another topic that affects our countries. The regional migration crisis that was created by the Biden Harris administration. 

Continuing, he emphasized both the national security threat posed by the hordes of illegals flooding through Mexico and into America while also noting that, contrary to what many leftists claim, encouraging such groups to wander through nations on a many mile trek to the US isn’t humane. In his words:

This is a national security threat for both Mexico and the U.S. as well as a serious humanitarian crisis. I want to be very clear, these unprecedented and massive flows of people are not humane. Far from it.”

Explaining why the encouragement of the migrant marches isn’t humane, he called them a form of modern-day slavery and emphasized the danger of the journey:

What has been created between Panama and the U.S. Mexico border is a corridor of terror … which facilitates a modern day form of slavery.

Poor and humble people are leaving their countries to embark on a dangerous journey northbound in which so many are victims of all sorts of things, including violent crime, sexual abuse, and rape.

After reminding the crowd of the horrors of those convoys and what Democrats are really encouraging when they implicity or explicitly tell migrants to come to America, he then went back to blasting Team Biden for the crisis, particularly Kamala Harris:

My friends, wasn’t Kamala supposed to fix this? Where is she? Where is Kamala? Where is Kamala?

Mr. Biden — not my President — I would like to say this: Please change course for the safety and well-being of the people of Mexico and the people of the United States. Please secure the border as President Trump did, working closely with the Mexican authorities.

Verastegui is right; if we are to “make Mexico and America great together,” as he called for at the end of his speech, then that means shutting down the border, closing it to illegal immigrants.

The migrant convoys are horrors. The crime and drugs they bring with them are destroying America. The cartels their dollars fund are ripping Mexico to pieces. As “mean” as it might seem to Democrats, the only way to solve those problems is to crack down on the illegal immigration problem.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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