Top Democratic Pollster Says the Quiet Part Out About COVID Mandates and the Midterms

A top Democratic pollster is warning Democrats to give up on the COVID narrative as the November midterms inch perilously closer or risk “paying dearly” for desperately clinging to the pandemic.

No. Crap.

You’ve probably noticed that the powers that be have been pulling a not-so-subtle U-turn on COVID restrictions as it becomes abundantly clear that a sustained pandemic narrative is destined to fail politically.

The Blaze reports that the warning comes from Impact Research, a polling firm aimed at Democratic and progressive political candidates and has worked with top party figures like Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama, failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel as well as leftist philanthropy kingpins Bill Gates and George Soros, the ACLU, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood.

So when it comes to left-wing politics, they definitely know their stuff, and we can only imagine are very interested in helping the Democratic Party succeed politically.

Their verdict?

That if the Democrats want to win politically in November, it’s time to give up on the ‘vid.

According to the Punchbowl News newsletter, the firm recently sent out a memo titled “Taking the Win over COVID-19,” which it says has been circulating among “House and Senate Democratic campaigns and consultants for the last week or so.”

Offering “strategic thoughts” on how to wiggle out of the narrative they’ve been hammering for over two years, Impact Research advises that it’s time politicians bear in mind that the public is sick of the pandemic.

“After two years that necessitated lockdowns, travel bans, school closures, mask mandates, and nearly a million deaths, nearly every American finally has the tools to protect themselves from this virus,” the memo reportedly reads. “It’s time for Democrats to take credit for ending the COVID crisis phase of the COVID war, point to important victories like vaccine distribution and providing economic stability to Americans, and fully enter the rebuilding phase that comes after any war.”

Candidates are advised to “declare the crisis phase of COVID over and push for feeling and acting more normal” and “Recognize that people are worn out; and feeling real harm from the years-long restrictions and take their side.”

“Most Americans have personally moved out of crisis mode. Twice as many voters are now more concerned about COVID’s effect on the economy (49%) than about someone in their family or someone they know becoming infected with the coronavirus (24%),” the memo reportedly notes.

“Two-thirds of parents and 80% of teachers say the pandemic caused learning loss, and voters are overwhelmingly more worried about learning loss than kids getting COVID,” it says. “Six in ten Americans describe themselves as ‘worn out’ by the pandemic.”

This is fascinating, of course, because one imagines that if Democratic leaders had ended the COVID crisis, they’d already be touting their success.

Why, exactly, do they need to be told the pandemic is over by pollsters…unless their dragged-out fear-mongering over the virus has always been political?

Ah — I just answered my own question, didn’t I?

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather