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Former AG Barr Turns on Trump

William Barr, Trump’s AG for the latter part of his first term, has turned on Trump, the man that put him in the greatest position of power he’s likely to ever obtain.

News on that comes from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Barr, in his new book, criticizes Trump and claims he lacks the necessary qualities of leadership. In the WSJ’s words:

Attorney General William Barr writes in a new book that former President Donald Trump has “shown he has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers to provide the kind of positive leadership that is needed,” and that it is time for Republicans to focus on rising new leaders in the party.

The release of the former attorney general’s 600-page book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” is coming as Mr. Trump, who remains the GOP’s dominant figure, contemplates another presidential run. Mr. Barr writes that he was convinced that Mr. Trump could have won re-election in 2020 if he had “just exercised a modicum of self-restraint, moderating even a little of his pettiness.”

Further, the WSJ reports that Barr contradicts Trump’s claims of voter fraud in 2022, saying that the real problem was Trump’s personality and behavior, not fraud:

“The election was not ‘stolen,’ ” Mr. Barr writes. “Trump lost it.” Mr. Barr urges conservatives to look to “an impressive array of younger candidates” who share Mr. Trump’s agenda but not his “erratic personal behavior.” He didn’t mention any of those candidates by name.

Trump, who has not commented on Barr’s analysis of his leadership skills, strongly hinted at CPAC 2022 that he’d run again in 2024, saying:

We did it twice, and we’ll do it again. They’re going to find out the hard way, starting on November 8th and then again, even more so on November 2024. They will find out like never before. We did it twice and we’ll do it again. We’re going to be doing it again. A third time.

That was likely welcome news to the crowd, which, when polled, indicated that it wanted him to run far more than any other challenger, with a massive 59% of CPAC 2022 attendees polled saying they want Trump on the ticket in 2024 and 97% saying that they approve of the job he did as president.

So, try as Barr might to get conservatives to move on from Trump, that seems unlikely; he can still rally enthusiasm like no one else and is one of the few proven enemies of the Deep State.

Further, it’s unclear how much of Barr’s book is a sober-minded political analysis and how much is motivated by his contentious final weeks in the White House.

As the New York Post reports, Trump, during one of his last meetings with Barr “ticked off a number of grievances he had against Barr, including declining to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey.​” and then, when Barr offered to resign yelled “’Accepted! Leave and don’t go back to your office. You are done right now. Go home!’”

Given the feud between the two by the end, a feud that revolved around the voter fraud issue, it could just be that Barr is mad at Trump and doesn’t want to see him win again.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics