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DeSantis’ Office Pledges to Take on Sneaky University CRT Program

Florida State University is currently running a federally-funded (and thus really taxpayer-funded) program called PURPOSE (Partners United for Research Pathways Oriented to Social Justice in Education) that, as its name implies, inserts wokeness into a curriculum. As the program’s website states:

The theme of the PURPOSE program is, “Social Justice: Using Research to Address Inequities in Education”. Students from FSU and FAMU will have opportunities to develop their own research projects during the yearlong fellowship by engaging research problems targeting educational injustices. One of our program outcomes is a value for participating in the process of social justice, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all groups of people can fully participate in a society that meets their needs, beginning with an equitable education.

In the spring and summer semesters, fellows will participate in proseminars that focus on social justice topics including culturally relevant pedagogy and research design, tools for analyzing oppression, critical race theory, multicultural leadership, and tools for social change and action, which are led both by PURPOSE mentors and guest speakers from both institutions.

“Equity,” “social justice,” “critical race theory” are all hallmarks of far-left “education,” tools that leftist administrators and “educators” use to push wokeness on the labile minds of those they’re pretending to educate but really indoctrinating.

As a result, one conservative congressman from Florida, Rep. Gus Bilirakis, had this to say:

No taxpayer funds should be used to indoctrinate our children by pushing Critical Race Theory.  This biased framework espouses radical, divisive views that have been soundly rejected by Florida lawmakers, educators, and parents.

There is simply no room for this type of woke platform in our schools. Furthermore, I believe its use in a Florida public education setting to be in violation of state law. I call upon the Department of Education to investigate this misuse of funds.

And Rep. Bilirakis is right that the program is federally funded. As Just the News reports:

Newly uncovered Department of Education grant documents show that the department awarded $1,020,800 in a 2017 grant and $1,498,620 in a 2021 grant to a Florida-based program called Partners United for Research Pathways Oriented to Social Justice in Education (PURPOSE).

Florida has a law banning Critical Race Theory. This program should not be taught thanks to that law alone and, as Rep. Bilirakis points out, taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund such hate-filled, obviously racist programs.

Fortunately, Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, said that his office is looking into stopping programs like these and is against the program, along with ripping it apart in a statement saying:

These are two examples of how higher education has been coopted into devaluing the very reasons why students are on campus – projects that are teaching young people to hate their peers, while simultaneously distracting students from obtaining a high quality education that prepares them for opportunity and success in professional life.

As you may know, Governor DeSantis announced last year that CRT and CRT-inspired ideology would be prohibited in Florida’s K-12 public schools. The State Board of Education issued rules to ensure K-12 students are protected from this toxic ideology of race essentialism. So, Florida’s existing rule prohibiting CRT applies to K-12 education, but not to universities at this time.”

While it’s well and good that DeSantis is taking care of it, the question remains how many states have similar programs and if their governors, many of whom are softer on the CRT issue than DeSantis, will do anything to stop the woke propaganda pushers.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics