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Chad Prather’s Interview with Trending Politics Magazine Part 5

I asked Chad what the hardest part about campaigning was, and without hesitation he answered the money aspect. It can be extraordinarily difficult to run a decent campaign when your opponent has millions of dollars that they can spend.

There’s also a lack of education on the part of voters. Chad pointed out that he’s heard people say that primaries are not only a waste of time but are designed to split the party, but that’s not so. Using Chad’s own words, primaries are the playoff system that you have to defeat in order to make it to the final game.

Going back to the money aspect, many voters will continue to vote for “legacies”. It’s why people were certain that the 2016 election would be a Bush vs. Clinton 2.0. Not because anyone wanted Jeb or Hillary, but because they were the ones that came in with the money, because they came from previous political ties, and because people already formed their opinions on the candidates.
Looking at the primaries for Texas, voters may look and say, “Neither Allen West nor Chad Prather are gonna be able to beat Abbott, so I’ll just vote for Abbott anyhow.”

That’s something that keeps the insiders in and the outsiders out. It’s also how you get these career politicians who have been in some form of office for the past forty to fifty years. It’s time to take some chances and vote for people who will get things done.

By getting back to voting for “volunteers” or people who do not come from a line of mayors, senators, or governors, it may get us away from those legacy and career politicians who wind up making millions of dollars without ever owning or running a business. (For example, Joe Biden). Men and women who are there to line their pockets rather than to answer to their constituents.

You’re there to serve the people, you’re there to serve their priorities. You are a delegated representative; you have delegated authority. You don’t have inherent authority at all.”

While choosing to never say never, Chad Prather doesn’t have high political aspirations and has no plans to run for anything outside of state politics. His biggest passion is the state of Texas, and he believes absolutely in its potential to get back to being among the freest states in the union and all it’s going to take is people voting the right candidates into office.

If you take common sense and you wrap it in a bit of humor it makes it an easier pill to swallow.”

With so much at stake in our nation, watching Texas is important. Not only is it crucial that a Republican win, but we need the right Republican to win. We need Texas to return to being the leader who sets the example. We have to make sure that the people we put in charge of our freedoms are actually willing to do all they can to protect those freedoms and not be as concerned about reelection.

So, does Chad Prather have what it takes to defeat Abbott? You bet he does. He believes fully in his followers who aren’t the type to be polled or even noticed. He doesn’t mind that he’s grassroots, in his words “politi-speak for being broke”, because he believes not having to account for where all that money comes from makes him more trustworthy.

Chad also believes that if you are willing to toss around campaign money like it doesn’t have a comprehensible value, it’s a good indicator that you may toss tax dollars around as well. Having that money can buy anything attitude is not helpful in office and could hint at wasteful spending.

So far, Greg Abbott has spent nearly $25 million dollars on the primaries alone. Let’s hope Texas gets this crucial vote right.

Early voting in Texas starts on February 14th, 2022, and Primary Day is March 1st, 2022.


This concludes the interview with Chad Prather.  I hope you learned more about him as a candidate for governor and as a person.  Don’t forget to vote!

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather