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Chad Prather’s Interview with Trending Politics Magazine Part 4

So, once in office, what can a Governor actually do to help reign in an out-of-control Administration’s tyranny? How does one answer the calls for Governors to do something about executive orders that are completely illegal and unconstitutional?

After all, we’ve seen what happens to Governor DeSantis in Florida. He outlawed mandates for the vaccines and mask mandates for children, and yet entire school districts openly defy them. Even in Texas, now that Abbott has stated it needs to be in the hands of parents, there are school districts doing what they want and demanding young students wear masks or be sent home.

We’ve got to hold these folks accountable,” Chad states of the school boards that tend to over police parents and get far too involved in raising children that are not wards of the state. “They don’t have the final say. We’ve got to make sure that people understand that when it comes to raising kids and educating kids in Texas, the parents have the final say.”

Education in Texas is another issue on Chad’s mind. He’s more than aware of the schools which are trying to hide gender confusion and lessons from parents. That’s where Chad calls for legislation that will have teeth in it.

It’s the same thing he wants done when it comes to any issue where people are ignoring the laws of Texas. While Prather doesn’t believe in mandates or executive orders, he does feel that making the right laws with the right punishments are how you slow down overreach while bringing out of control teachers unions back under the thumb of parents.

I want Texas to become a Constitutional Sanctuary state. If it’s not constitutional it doesn’t fly in the state of Texas. If you don’t do business constitutionally and you violate people’s rights, then you don’t do business on Texas soil.”

What does legislation with teeth even mean, though? Everyone hears about bills with teeth and we’re not dumb. We know what it should mean, but what does it mean to someone running for office?

There needs to be measurable consequences. You take the property-tax thing. We should have legislation that penalizes school districts that keep their bonds and debt high and rewards those that keep it low.

You take these mandates, these vaccine mandates on the part of employers. We have United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, they want to continue to mandate that their employees get vaccines…So what we have to do is, we say ‘if you’re gonna do business on Texas soil then you have to honor the way we do things in Texas’. Then we’ll fine United Airlines $25,000 a day per employee that they’re laying off. So, we’re gonna put teeth behind that.”

Chad goes on to point out that many of the universities in Texas have exclusive contracts with various airlines and that would be another way to punish the airlines or businesses. Taking away those contracts or ending business dealings on a government level could be a great way to hit these massive companies where it hurts the most, their wallets.

You gotta fight fire with fire,” Chad says of Dems using their power to take away games from states where prolife laws have been voted for. “You gotta get down in the weeds with them in that regard. There’s gotta be ramifications.

The fact of the matter is that many Republicans don’t want to fight back. They want to take the high road, and while that’s admirable, we have to wonder if it’s sustainable. Old school Republicans want to maintain a professional, stately demeanor. They don’t want to be seen as crass, vulgar, or rude the same way former President Donald. J. Trump dove into the political world.

While we can all agree that some restraint would have done President Trump a lot of good, his fanbase was at its strongest when he wasn’t willing to sugarcoat the truth. But then, at the time, social media didn’t take him seriously, so they weren’t censoring him or any other politician with similar styles and attitudes. And really, what can be done about that? In the middle of these upcoming campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are striking huge blows against politicians by censoring and banning people that say things they don’t like.

It’s time to stop rewarding big tech and it’s even more important that we stop subsidizing them when they are purposely preventing Republicans from running ads or interacting with their constituents. It’s time to make sure we know if these guys are platforms or publishers, and recognize that we must protect freedom of speech, even speech we hate.

We’ve gotta pass legislation… if you’re gonna do business on our soil, you can’t silence our voices.”

To be continued with Part 5.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather