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Chad Prather’s Interview with Trending Politics Magazine Part 3

The power has to be put back in the hands of the people. Chad recognizes that there are “blueberries in the chili” and Chad believes that there should be legislation that calls for a minimum of ¾ of the counties in support of anything that will change or ratify their state constitution. By making such changes it guarantees that the power is redistributed and prevents San Antonio, Houston, Austin, El Paso, and Dallas from bullying by way of mob-rule.

We’ve got to be ruled and governed by smaller groups of people, so even the smaller counties have to have a say. That puts the values of Texas back into the hands of the little guy.” He explains. “These are the kind of things where we have to think outside of the box.”

Over the years, Governor Abbott has opened the doors of Texas to many blue thinking organizations in the forms of incentives and tax breaks. Tesla, Amazon, Google, Facebook, have all been welcomed. As Chad points out, Texas is the number two subsidizer of Facebook paying over 165 million dollars a year just to operate in the red state.

He bitterly points out that Governor Abbott just gave a 795-million-dollar tax break to Samsung in order to bring their headquarters to Texas. These companies get massive tax-breaks and while people thought that meant there would be jobs for Texans, it’s been proven not to be true.

Thanks to the vaccine mandates, most of these companies are simply bringing Californians or friends from blue states to come work for them in Texas. In other words, refusing to take the vaccine isn’t hurting these companies as much as we’d hoped when the private entities are allowed to demand proof of vaccines in order to do that work.

The beauty of having the Texas constitution is we’ve got a number of rights that we’ve held on to. Article 1, Section 2 of the Texas constitution says that this has to be a Republican government that represents the people and if that government ever proves not to represent the people, then we have the right to alter or abolish that government.

We have consistently pushed for what’s now known as House Bill 1349, it’s the “Texit bill”, which is not about Texas secession, but is a pathway to secession if the Federal Government ever gets out of line. That helps leverage our size and economy against the Federal Government to keep them in line.

For instance, we give Washington DC 165 billion dollars a year from the state of Texas, they give us a little money back and we say thank you.” He explained. “That’s like going to the clinic, them draining 100% of your blood, giving you 45% of your blood back, smacking you on the rear-end and telling you they hope you feel good tomorrow. That’s not a good way to operate, but that’s what we do with Washington DC.

There are certain things we can do, like with the borders. Article 4, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution says that the governor, in case of an invasion, becomes the commander in chief and can actually raise up the Texas state guard and militias in order to defend the borders.”

Chad pointed out what so many people forget; and it’s that states, particularly the border states, are the ones who get to decide who enters. Yes, the federal government gets to determine who is granted citizenship, but they don’t get to decide to bus peoples from other nations into Texas in the middle of the night and drop them off wherever.

With at least 25 bridges that cross into Texas from Mexico, all that really needs to be done is to enforce laws that are already on the books. Prather isn’t wrong when he says that Texas is in control of the check points, the bridges, the highways, and the enforcement of illegal crossing into the United States. There’s no reason why enforcement of current laws shouldn’t be utilized to prevent the swell of illegal immigration.

It’s just another reason that Prather chose to run for Governor, as Abbott has shown zero signs of enforcing immigration laws on state or federal level.

What would Chad do if that practice continued on his watch? Not only would he use those laws and enforce them, but he’d happily bus said immigrants from Texas to Washington DC and allow them to figure out what should be done with them. After all, they want more voters. They want the presence of illegals in the nation. Let them take on the burden of housing, policing, and providing jobs to these people.

If you want to send these busses filled with illegals out from Del Rio Texas every night under cover of darkness and you want to drive them into the interior then I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. We’re gonna commandeer about a dozen of those busses, we’re gonna escort them over two days with the Texas Rangers and I’ll lead the way, and we’re gonna take them to Capitol Hill in Washington DC. We’re gonna open up the doors on those busses and we’re gonna let the illegals out right there and let Washington DC deal with them.”

To be continued with Part 4

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather