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Chad Prather’s Interview with Trending Politics Magazine Part 2

Most people outside of the USA think of three different states when they first hear about our nation. California, New York, and Texas. California because of Hollywood. New York because of Ellis Island. But Texas? That’s a whole different ball game. It’s not any one place or industry, it’s an entire attitude.

But what worries Prather is that Texas is not and has not been that point of American pride in some time. Even native Texans themselves don’t seem to realize how much of their rebellious spirit or their independence has been lost over the past few decades with government getting larger and more restrictive.

With the open borders and the amount of blue voting ideologies surging into the state right along with the immigrants, Prather gives Texas about six years before he believes his state will look more like California both economically and in terms of government overreach. And all of that has to do with big government practices that have left Texas one of the most restricted states in the nation.

The most recent Kato poll doesn’t even have us in the top ten of the freest states in the union!” Chad informed me, much to my surprise. “Umm, that’s an unfortunate thing, especially when you consider the legacy and the reputation of Texas Independence. We’ve gotten a long way from that.

Texas is not the Texas that most Texans think it is anymore!” He continued with a sobering realization. “And the misinformation, the blind trust that Texas is just going to ‘be okay’, we’re not! Unless people step up and do something about it.”

It’s his lack of political experience that he believes can help with all his concerns. Not coming from a political background allows Prather to see what politicians in the thick of it can’t or won’t see for themselves.

Being a comedian also helps him relate to people of many different backgrounds. Being able to laugh at oneself or neighbors is an opening many minds need to consider something new. There’s just something about being able to laugh that breaks down self-maintained barriers. Once we’re laughing, we’re using our brains and allowing ourselves to really hear another point of view, even if it is to laugh at or make fun of it.

Laughing at ourselves often produces self-reflection and that can lead to people getting involved in their local politics. According to Chad Prather, he’s had a few people inform him of doing just that. Which, he believes in wholeheartedly. The problem with government overreach begins at the most local point of politics with city councils, mayoral offices, and even with the judges we vote in every cycle.

But is there more at stake this year than just who becomes the next Governor of Texas? Is it just a red vs. blue on a state level? Or is the survival of Conservativism in Texas more important than the nation might imagine?

Look at it this way; if the state of Texas represents all that is wild and independent about America, what better place to gain a foothold if the overall outcome wanted by the powers that be is Socialism. And what is Socialism if not Communism in disguise?

Yes, there’s a very specific strategy to make Texas blue,” Chad explained. “The Federal government has a very strong target on the back of Texas. They want Texas to fall, and the reason is because they think Texas has that sense of independence about them and the sense of identity and legacy and the grasp on the idea of freedom.

And we’ve got the size, leverage, economy and population; we’re just so large that we could put DC back on track or at least put them under a lot of pressure. And they don’t want that…Especially this administration. They’d rather see Texas fall.”

Proving his point, Chad points out that when you see the insane and overwhelming border conditions, it’s Texas. You don’t see Arizona, New Mexico, or California. The illegal immigrants are being brought to Texas. That’s not to say that there aren’t illegals in the other three border states, because Prather knows that there are.  He’s simply pointing out that Texas is the main focus because it’s on their land that immigrants are being bussed through and deeper into. It’s on their land that people are being released and then offered this sort of indoctrination to socialize Texas in exchange for their illegal presence being ignored.

And with 2.5 million unelected bureaucrats, you can bet that weakening Texas keeps the wrong people in power. The ruling administration is in charge of appointing all those bureaucrats and talk of freedom could remind voters that holding office is a service to the American people. Not a get rich quick scheme.


To be continued with Part 3.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather