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#BlackfaceHitler Trending As Canada’s Trudeau Sics Swat Teams on Peaceful Protesters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone full fascist on the overwhelmingly peaceful protests that have locked down Ottawa for the last three weeks following a record-breaking convoy of truckers who traveled to the nation’s capital to protest the government’s arbitrarily strict vaccine mandates for international truckers.

Rather than meeting with the protesters, hearing their concerns, and at the very least pretending to care about their concerns, Trudeau has despicably slandered them as bigoted, racist, domestic terrorists who must be crushed.

This is a man, by the way, who happily took a knee with Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020 — you know, the “peaceful” protesters who started riots that destroyed whole city blocks in the United States and cost dozens of lives following the death of George Floyd.

But no, the working-class truckers who showed up in Ottawa in their big rigs sporting big ol’ Maple Leaf banners and proceeded to set up bouncy castles without hurting anyone or destroying anything to try to pressure the federal government to rescind vaccine mandates for people who spend the vast majority of their work day alone in the cab of a truck, these are the violent, extremist, fringe terrorists.

As if this didn’t look bad enough for Trudeau, however, who just last week infuriated a Jewish Parliamentarian whose ancestors survived the Holocaust by accusing the convoy supporters of neo-Nazi sympathies, he has used his emergency powers to send swat teams and mounted police on the protesters, arresting hundreds, destroying and confiscating property, and freezing bank accounts in an effort to squash the protest.

It was in this context that Twitter launched an unflattering hashtag which The Daily Wire reports was trending on Saturday: #BlackfaceHitler.

British actor Lawrence Fox was pleased to see this, summing up the whole of Trudeau’s terrible PR rather nicely with a well-cited George Orwell reference:

Fox also re-affirmed his support for the convoy protesters, highlighting exactly the kind of people Trudeau is trying to squash:

The hashtag is a reference to Trudeau’s sordid past dressing up in blackface, which hasn’t aged well in light of his hollow “anti-racist” virtue signaling as a politician.

One user noted she knew exactly who #BlackfaceHitler was before even checking out the trending tweets:

While there were some absurd of antisemitism in light of the many comparisons between Trudeau and Hitler featured in memes that circulated social media throughout the week, it couldn’t possibly be more fitting.

No one, having spent the last four years crying “Literally Hitler” every time the Orange Man opened his mouth, has any right criticizing anyone for comparing a leader to the Nazi dictator, least of all when said leader is sending law enforcement to crush a peaceful protest movement that simply doesn’t want to be forced to inject themselves with an experimental drug in order to keep their jobs.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather