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CRAZY VIDEO – Parent Calls Out School Board Chair’s Hypocrisy, W/ Photos

Radical school board members have just been called out for overplaying their indoctrination cards.

Following their implementation of Critical Race Theory (CRT) lessons, advancing hyper sex education, and introducing gender modification classes, the student’s parents, especially the mothers, are now speaking their minds at local school board meetings, shocking those who have been unchallenged for decades.

In a perfect example, during a local School Board meeting in Montgomery County (Virginia), parent Alecia Vaught called out board members for double standards, causing the snowflake board chairwoman to meltdown publically, getting even Texas Senator Cruz’s attention.

“We sat here last year and listened to you guys preach to us about [former] Gov. [Ralph] Northam’s executive orders [on masks in schools] and how we must follow them,” she said at the microphone. “You guys remember that? We do.”

Vaught added, “So here’s the [new] governor [Glenn Youngkin] that comes into office. But yet you don’t want to follow his orders [to make masks optional in schools]. Why is that? Why is it different from the last year … to this year? Two different governors, two different political parties. So, we were supposed to follow it last year, but not this year. That makes no sense and makes all of you a bunch of hypocrites.”

Vaught then turned her attention to board Chair Sue Kass and pointed to photos on her cellphone of Kass maskless “with a crowd of people.”

With that, Kass exploded telling Vaught “you are done” asking a police officer to kick her out. When the officer would not comply, Kass did what any disrespectful radical Marxists would, she slammed her laptop closed, and left the meeting in order to deflect from her exposed hypocrisy.

And as Kass walked past a Vaught, she told the board chair “we’re coming for your seat.”

Kass’ reply? “You can have my seat.”

Following the heated confrontation, Vaught and Kass spoke separately to WXFR-TV about the issues at hand.

Vaught told the station that she and The Second Monday Constitution Group — of which she is the founder — sat in the front row of the room during the previous school board meeting and took off their masks in protest. That reportedly elicited yelling from Kass, WXFR said.

For her part, Kass told the station she’s been receiving mean emails and phone calls regarding her position on the school board.

But Vaught told WXFR it’s about the board letting parents choose what’s best for their children

“I am not right-wing. I am trying to do the right thing,” Vaught added to the station. “I am doing the right thing for our kids, and I’m standing up and calling out hypocrisy when there is hypocrisy because we are all tired of it — it’s rules for thee and not for me.”

But Kass told WXFR it’s about respect: “She used a forum that is supposed to be for a community to express their concerns about the school, students, and staff, and she used that forum for her political purposes.”

Vaught stood her ground by saying the board members “need to listen to the parents. “We are the parents, we dictate how they grow up, how they get educated, and we pay the taxes for those schools to get built. We pay these salaries, we elect these board members onto the boards.”

This is how you do it, folks.

It’s time to kick the foxes out of the hen house, or at least force them to act like farmers who cares for those entrusted to them, instead.

Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.

Follow Eric on his website ETTALKSHOW, and social media platforms, MAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.   

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This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show