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BREAKING: Trump Sends Bold Message To Joe Rogan as Left Tries to Censor Him

On Monday evening, former President Trump sent Joe Rogan a heart-felt message in a press release.

In the past couple of weeks, the left has done everything they can to take down the popular radio show host, but it appears that Rogan has a friend in President Trump.

Check out what Trump had to say below:

“Joe Rogan is an interesting and popular guy, but he’s got to stop apologizing to the Fake News and radical left maniacs and lunatics,” Trump said.

“How many ways can you say you’re sorry? Joe, just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened. That’s not you and it never will be!,” Trump finished.

First, the left came for Rogan because of his “controversial” discussions with Doctors as they discussed Covid. 

Then, a viral video circulated Twitter showing out-of-context clips where Rogan used the “n-word”.

Regardless, it appears that Rogan’s loyal fanbase isn’t going anywhere and that he will have a job for as long as he wants one.

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This story syndicated with permission from Collin Rugg – Trending Politics