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[VIDEO] Chicago Students Forced To Leave School For Not Complying With Mask Mandate

What science does Chicago Public Schools have on mask efficacy and protective benefits that other schools across the nation and the CDC itself don’t have? Let’s call it the $340,000 question – Superintendent Pedro Martinez’s base salary.

It’s more than a fair question. Some states and locales have not required masks all year and are doing just fine. Even more pointedly, though, on the same day that hard-left Covidian Phil Murphy released his state’s government schools from oppressive mask mandates, Chicago still continues to move in the other direction, this time by actually exiting students from the building for refusing to diaper up. A video of students being cheered at the doors by freedom lovers can be seen at the bottom of the article.

First off, kudos to these young people for having more courage than most adults in America. Spineless doctors and medical professionals could take a page out of whatever textbook these young lovers of medical truth and personal freedom are reading. We can be assured that it is not a school-issued book.

Second, and more to the point, how much longer does this go on? Just like the fact that we now know conclusively lockdowns had almost no direct Covid-mitigating impact (which says nothing about the veritable social, financial, and other medical impacts we suffered), enormous cohort studies have offered finality on the issue of masking as well. They simply don’t work. We see this in masked versus maskless states. We see this in the CDC’s own studies and the Biden White House’s bizarre push to muzzle everyone with N95s. The cognitive dissonance of leftism is always there, but how can teachers simultaneously worship Fauci and ignore his new mask rules at the same time?

So, despite the science saying otherwise, CPS insists on ruining young peoples’ lives by disappearing them behind useless fabric.

The senseless mask mandates for children and students are not free of negative side effects. Therefore, when they don’t stop Covid, they don’t just not do anything else. There are very real consequences to masking young people, not least of all the detrimental effect of being unable to watch other speakers to learn mouth movement and language. There is already an epidemic of speech language pathology. More destructive is the bond that has been broken between peers and friends. People, especially young people, need and require human interaction. Masks are a literal physical barrier to that arrangement. Not only can young people not read facial cues, depending on their age they will never learn to do so properly anyways.

Rand Paul is absolutely correct when he says that masks are not about medicine but rather control. Given that no rational medical argument can be offered at this point, the only remaining option is that petty tyrants are inflicting as much damage on freedom as possible. The same could be said about vaccine passports, considering vaccination status matters little in whether or not a person spreads the virus.

Compounding the situation is the fact that Chicago Public Schools is ostensibly led by the same woman, Lori Lightfoot, who conveniently reapplied a mask mandate to coincide with the completion of the Windy City’s very famous Lollapalooza. On the exact same evening of the announcement, she was seen rubbing shoulders with thousands of maskless guests near the grandstand. She’s the same elitist scumbag who had not problem flouting local and state rules by posting a picture of her maskless (and hideous) face at a WNBA game and who infamously got her hair done at the beginning of her city’s lockdown on law-abiding citizens. Ever the clueless tyrant, she had the gall to defend that move by saying her being the “face of the city” demanded a styled coif.

Where Lori goes, hypocrisy follows. Consider her the Stacey Abrams of Illinois.

In reality, Superintendent Martinez and Mayor Lightfoot are probably doing these kids a favor by not asking them to be subjected to race- and gender-infused indoctrination seminars. Let’s be honest, government schools – especially government schools in big cities run to the ground by decades of voting Democrat and living in urban moral decay – are not serving anyone, masked or otherwise. The less time young people spend in tax-payer funded, monopolistic Maoist struggle sessions the better.

So, in a weird way, thanks Martinez and Lightfoot. On the other hand, though, the bigger problem is that there are pockets of society encouraging and condoning this behavior. The easiest solution is to take your kid out of the public school. Then, just hope enough of you neighbors have the common sense and decency to stop voting for idiot thugs like Lori Lightfoot who install other idiots like Martinez into positions of influence.


This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative