NO NEWSOME! California Democrats Fail to Pass Single-payer Health Care Bill

For over 100 years, progressive politicians on Capitol Hill and in Governor’s mansions in blue states have discussed how to implement universal healthcare for all. As one of their top priorities, the biggest hurdle they have faced is how to pay for it.

In line with their open borders and big government models, if they could implement the “right” of government-run health care, it would end up as the jewel in their fascist crowns.

On Monday, in a surprising move by the far, far left; California Democrats fell short of the votes needed to pass a “single-payer” health care bill that would have forced a government takeover of the state’s health insurance industry.

Even though they have supermajorities in both houses of the state legislature in the Golden State, and have passed everything they wanted, the risk of killing the CA economy, which is finally recovering from Newsome’s draconian COVID lockdowns, and in light of the pushback from business groups, have them tabling Governor Newsome’s plan for the time being.

The plan would have raised taxes dramatically to create socialized medicine for all residents including the millions of illegal aliens using up the emergency rooms resources statewide.

The proposal for “CalCare” attracted support from left-wing “progressives” — and strong opposition from business groups, who pointed out that a similar policy had already failed recently in Vermont, the home of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The proposal would have required $163 billion in new taxes for most working Californians (By comparison, the entire proposed state budget for California this year is an already staggering $286.4 billion; single-payer would add 57%.)

The State Senate passed a single-payer health care bill in 2017 but failed to explain how it would be paid for, leading the State Assembly to drop it, and prompting death threats to flood the office of Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Los Angeles).

The Sacramento Bee reported:

Assembly Bill 1400 aimed to create a so-called single-payer health care system in California that would essentially replace private insurance with a state-run health system.

It faced intense opposition from a coalition of powerful health care organizations, including the California Medical Association representing doctors and the California Association of Health Plans representing insurance companies. The bill threatened the existence of private insurance companies and would have overhauled the health care system, prompting fierce push-back from many parts of the industry.

The bill by Assemblyman Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, outlined the policy framework for a single-payer system. To fund it, lawmakers would have also needed to pass a separate bill to increase taxes on people making more than $49,900 per year. The taxes Kalra proposed would also require voter approval.

Last weekend, an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal noted:

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin campaigned on a promise to enact single payer but shelved his plans in 2014. The idea was “just not affordable,” he said after getting a look at the cost to Vermont’s economy. “We were pretty shocked at the tax rates we were going to have to charge.” The single-payer bill pending in the California Legislature goes far beyond the proposals Vermont considered.

Governor Gavin Newsom has flip-flopped on his support of the creation of a single-payer health care system but was a yes when he ran in 2018.

As unions began to oppose such policies publicly during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary, it became clear that policies such as “Medicare for All” meant ending the private health insurance benefits in collective bargaining agreements.

In reality, a majority of those this plan was targeting are already receiving coverage under the subsidized, mostly free, Medi-Cal medical plan. It’s just the new flood of illegal aliens that might not get the free medical handout too.

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