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Journalist Complains about Lack of Restrictions in Florida After Fleeing His Own Country Because of Crazy Lockdowns and Mandates

With the growth in the number of emotionally weak individuals, “snowflakes”, moving from liberal COVID crazy states to open states like Florida, their actions after arriving have been mindboggling.

Even though they admit they are escaping COVID lockdowns, high taxes, and increasing crime, this group complains about the freedoms those in the states they have escaped to, are enjoying.

In addition, some of the millions of people who are seeking relief from the COVID insanity by vacationing in open states, end up complaining about the cultural differences the locals are accustomed to.

A prime example of the latter can be found in Canadian journalist Josh Freed. Freed published an essay on Saturday complaining about a lack of COVID restrictions in Florida after visiting the Sunshine State for vacation.

Writing in the Montreal Gazette, Freed explained that he and his wife recently “fled Quebec for a week” — likening himself, in response to harsh lockdown measures in Quebec, to a “refugee” — and jetted off to Florida.

Landing in Florida, Freed said, was like arriving on “another planet.” He described Florida as “Cowboyland, where you barely know COVID is happening,” which he called “lunacy by Canadian standards.”

Stores and supermarkets don’t require masks but some cashiers and customers wear them, though often under their nose or chin — Florida-style,” Freed observed. “Restaurants are fully open and peeking into some, they’re mobbed. Waiters can choose whether to wear masks and at least half don’t. In ever-friendly America, some customers even shake hands with their waiters before leaving, to say: ‘Thanks, I’ll have some germs for dessert.’”

Freed even complained about the lack of COVID coverage found in Florida news broadcasts.

You can see the difference in the media, too. In Quebec, COVID totally dominates the news, because there’s almost nothing else happening,” Freed wrote. “In Florida, it’s the reverse.”

Freed went on to claim that life in Florida amid COVID is “health madness,” but noted a “psychological upside.” He explained that “COVID doesn’t dominate all life” in Florida as opposed to Quebec.

“We Montrealers live in a tense, depressing pandemic bubble — all-COVID, all the time — which is why many people avoid following the news,” Freed admitted.

Freed admitted that thousands of Quebec residents have explored moving to Florida since the pandemic began and observed how easy it was to receive a free PCR COVID test in the Sunshine State. Such tests in Canada, Freed noted, are both expensive and hard to come by.

Freed’s doublespeak was mocked on social media after the publication of his essay.

Florida-based NBC News reporter Marc Captuo noted that Freed had “choke[d] a bit on a Florida redpill,”

Canadian news publisher Ezra Levant observed that Freed’s ironic complaints demonstrate “distrust in the corporate media.”

This is why people not only distrust the corporate media but hate them,” Levant said. “A pro-lockdown journalist from Quebec jets down to Florida for a luxury vacation so he can escape the curfew. And in between cocktails he says how much he hates it there.”

For reasonable people the idea that people like Mr. Freed want the place they escaped to, to become more like what they just left, is foolish, to say the least, a narcissistic personality disorder, the worst.

Southern states like Georgia and Arizona are prime examples. Their citizens implore those who hate liberty to remain in their failing communities instead of bringing the same policies and ideas with them via relocation or vacation.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.

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This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather