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COVID Karen Goes Viral After Melting Down Over Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest

A very triggered fan of tyrannical COVID mandates went viral on social media on Sunday after screaming at marchers who showed up in Washington D.C. to protest far-reaching pandemic policy.

Naturally, while the march was organized for federal workers and first responders who don’t want to be forced to inject themselves with an experimental drug in order to keep their jobs, the hysterical woman screamed about how the marchers were “white supremacists.”

Don’t leftists ever come up with anything original with which to slander their ideological counterparts?

“My tax dollars are going to the police, to shut down the road, so that these f*cking white supremacists can party and have a hell of a time celebrating their loser President,” the unidentified woman screamed, as The Post Millennial reported.

Disturbing stuff.

How does anyone think they’re on the right side of history while they jump out of their massive painted hippie van to scream explicatives at anti-vaccine protesters exercising their First Amendment rights in the nation’s capital?

I think the answer here is a grim one: cancel culture keyboard warriors are starting to collide with the real world.

This woman probably busts out her phone each morning and scrolls through a slew of headlines and social media posts that reinforce her worldview and disparage the “deplorables” who like Trump and don’t like the government trying to make private medical decisions for them.

She lives in a world where elite cable news pundits and left-wing politicians call for the unvaccinated to be shunned and even denied medical care, and uses a device from which she can randomly spew profanities at strangers with little to no recourse on a daily basis.

Then, one day, she’s cruising through D.C. in her finger-painted van and she is confronted, head-on, with a whole group of people with whom she disagrees and there was nothing at all she could do to swipe them away from her vantage point.

So she resorted to doing what most digital outrage mobsters have gotten so used to doing from behind the comfort and safety of their smartphones: started screaming incoherent insults.

I mean, she even had her phone in her hand the whole time, signaling a disturbing inability to separate social media outrage with the fact that regular, everyday Americans oppose the vaccine mandate The Science tells her will save us all.

As GOP Congressman Madison Cawthorn pointed out, it looks like this was the first time her woke bubble had been burst:

Unfortunately, her public breakdown is probably going down in meme history, because it’s become an instant classic:

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather