Joe Rogan Blasts CNN’s “Yellow Journalism” After Network Deceptively Edited His COVID-19 Announcement Video

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan took to Instagram this week to bust out CNN for appearing to deceptively edit his September video in which he announced he had contracted COVID-19.

The side-by-side comparison between Rogan’s original video, which he posted to Instagram, and CNN’s shows that the network seems to have manipulated the coloring to make Rogan, whose skin appears grey, appear almost comically sickly.

In his original video, he has normal coloring and other than appearing a bit sleepy, doesn’t look particularly sick one way or the other (and knowing some of Rogan’s cherished extracurricular activities, we can imagine it might not even have been the COVID that gave his eyes a puffy appearance).

Of course, CNN’s producers likely took issue with the fact that Rogan was telling his followers he was taking, among other things, the “horse dewormer” Ivermectin.

Rogan appropriately captioned his video “Yellow Journalism” with the hashtag #fakenews.

“Yellow Journalism” is a term that emerged in the late 1800s to reference media outlets that framed news in hyperbolic, sensationalistic ways to manipulate public opinion.

Today, we just call this “news,” and it was certainly out in full force when The Associated Press “fact-checked” the claim that CNN had manipulated the video when accusations first arose in September, as The Post Millennial noted.

“An analysis of the video used by CNN in a report about talk show host Joe Rogan contracting COVID-19 found no sign that the color had been altered. CNN confirmed no changes were made to the color of the video,” the outlet concluded after a “frame-by-frame” analysis.

“There is no evidence that the clip from Anderson Cooper’s show is manipulated or altered from the original Instagram video in an attempt to alter Rogan’s appearance,” Hany Farid, professor at University of California Berkeley’s School of Information, was quoted as saying.

CNN also denied making any alterations to the video.

“The image was not altered using Photoshop or any filter,” the network told the AP in a statement. “The raw upload was ingested using the direct link to Joe Rogan’s Instagram video, which was then cut for TV.”

Weird — I guess the fact that Rogan looks like he’s about to keel over from a horse dewormer overdose is just our imagination?

Check it out and decide for yourself:

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather