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Journalistic Idiocy: Andy Cohen’s NYE Drunken Rant on Bill DeBlasio

Hot damn!  For anyone who thinks that there was only one Big Ball on display in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, I’ve got some news for you.  Have a listen to this:

Presenting Exhibit A: the drunken journalist.  Over the past several years, it’s come into fashion – especially in the celebratory atmosphere of a New Year’s Eve event – for the modern era’s answer to people of the cloth to climb up out of their cups long enough to look bleary-eyed at the camera and tell you what they really think, often to hilarious effect.  Television host Andy Cohen is giving Anderson Cooper and the American public at large quite the earful about what a loser the now-former New York mayor Bill de Blasio has been.  With a salute and a “Sayonara, sucker!” that just about made even Anderson Cooper’s hair blush, this toasted man roasted the jack-booted Commie mayor-in-leaving in high and hilarious fashion.  

Now, there’s nothing I love better than watching someone – especially someone famous – making a fool of themselves on public television.  Comedienne Dulce Sloan did much the same thing with Don Lemon, when she went on a brief but delightful rant about her resolution for 2022 being: no more broke dicks – i.e. no more men or women with penises in her life who can’t also provide her a trip to the Bahamas for her trouble.  Now, I don’t want to suggest that a lady who looks suspiciously like Lizzo’s stunt double shouldn’t have the right to be picky about whom she allows to go down with the ship – so to speak – but as was the case with Anderson Cooper, it was kind of fun to see Don Lemon squirm from a safe distance.  

But my real question here is, when did it become okay – popular even – for supposedly credible journalists to be drunk on live television?  When exactly did we cross over into a world where that’s just what happens?  The selective nature of cancel culture puzzles me at times, folks, that’s all.  The irony of this particular situation, in the case of Andy Cohen, is that he was ranting against the grain of normally sanctioned political thought by doing everything short of giving the middle finger to one of the Left’s elites.  My guess is, if all the useful totalitarian juice hadn’t already been squeezed out of the guy, Cohen would find himself in more trouble than he’s likely to see from this particular situation.

And I know what some of you are yelling in your living rooms right now: Chad, haven’t you been guilty of knocking a few back in the process of being on live television before?  Absolutely!  Plenty of times!  Listen, the drawer of my desk contains two things – I keep one loaded, and the other one keeps me loaded!  

But I – as you may or may not be aware – am not a respected journalist.  Just ask any of the naysayers who drag their knuckles across the surface of my Facebook comments sections!  I’m an entertainer.  Hell, I don’t even care that these people get drunk on live television – it adds entertainment value to my life to laugh at them and then come on this show to talk to you about them.  But I do think it’s worth maybe giving a little bit of thought about, considering that the de-compartmentalizing of social norms is part of – you guessed it – the ultimate drive to subvert the dominant paradigm.  Pushing the envelope is more harmful in some areas than in others – no doubt – but assuming that these situations are not separate claws on the same tiger could be a little dangerous.  

On the upside, you won’t have to explain the term “broke dick” to your kids anymore, so you can check that one off the list.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather