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Red China is Developing “Brain Control” Weaponry

Never a nation to bow to civilized horror at certain ways of waging war or controlling a populace, Red China is pushing its transhuman research one step further: now it’s engaging in neuroscience research meant to help it develop “brain control” weaponry.

As the Epoch Times, which reported in-depth on the CCP’s research into this transhuman weapon of a dark future, said:

Once believed to only exist in science-fiction movies, the weaponization of the brain has been discussed by Chinese military officials for years. And Beijing is spending billions each year on neuroscience that could draw these scenarios ever closer to reality.

“The study into brain science was born out of a vision for how the future warfare would evolve,” Li Peng, a medical researcher at a subsidiary of China’s state-run Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS), wrote in an article in 2017. Such research, he added, has “an extremely strong military characteristic” and is crucial to securing a “strategic high ground” for every country.

Further, according to the Epoch Times, a Chinese military publication has apparently described an AI-developed fusion of man and machine as a war-winning development and described any delay in its production as something that “could lead to unimaginable consequences.”

While some American organizations and individuals are working on neurotechnology, namely DARPA and Elon Musk, who is developing a brain implant he calls Neuralink, China’s research is by far the most terrifying.

Unlike Western efforts to develop this transhuman technology, which largely are focused on helping citizens and soldiers act, think, and work more efficiently and effectively, China’s research seems to be focused on crushing its enemies.

And what does “crushing its enemies” mean in this context? Here’s what the Epoch Times described as being Red China’s goal:

Applied in the military, such psychological weapon could help develop “super warriors” who are “loyal, brave, and strategic;” in wars, the psycho-virus could “manipulate the consciousness of the enemies, crush their will, and interfere with their emotions to make them submit to the will of our side,” the authors said.

Red China doesn’t just want better fighter pilots or smarter soldiers, though those are certainly areas where it sees its brain science program as giving it the ultimate “high ground” in any conflict with the US.

Rather, it wants to interfere with our thoughts and force people to submit to its will. That’s much less brain augmentation and much more Project MK-Ultra paired with 1984.

While it’s unknown how successful China will end up being, as this research is into the very frontier of science, what is clear is that China is unwilling to be behind the US on this.

Xi has, again according to the Epoch Times, “identified it as a priority field of emerging technology significant for the country’s national security” and China’s research institutes are spending billions of dollars on developing brain weapons.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics