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Detroit is Leading the Way – As Usual

Folks, it’s not every day you get to wake up, take a peek at the news, and think to yourself, “Damn, Detroit’s leading the way!  Good for them!”  Their school board has come out and stated that they won’t be opening for the first three days of this week – and they’re not even going to be holding online classes.  First of all, they apparently don’t have the necessary ability to put all of that together on short notice.  And, more importantly, they must be seeing what we all know: the next variant is apt to be a computer virus, am I right?!

So, you might be saying to yourself right now, “Did Chad fall out of his truck and hit his head over the Christmas break?  Because he’s describing a furtherance of the intellectual shit-show that is the collective governmental response to the Omicron variant – a thing which seems very likely to be what ushers us into a new era where COVID is basically the flu…yet he’s calling Detroit’s decision…good?

Yes.  Because a stopped clock is right twice a day, and this is Detroit’s shining moronic moment.  Yes, COVID cases are on the rise, because Omicron is coming for all of us!  It’s gonna get you!  And if you think that the sniffles and a sore throat are the end of the world, I’m not sure where you’ve been for, you know, ever.  But here’s the beauty: school children in Detroit will now receive three fewer days of indoctrination in all the bullshit we don’t want them to be indoctrinated with.  Sure, it’s a small step, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Hey, if you’re living in Detroit and you’re having to deal with the fact that your kid just got three more days at home – first of all, you have my sympathy.  Not because you can’t go to work, but because I’m sure like most people you were right about at the end of your rope towards the end of the break.

 I know that right now that length of rope and one of the rafters in the attic are looking mighty tempting, but don’t do it!  This is a good thing – make the most of it.  You’ve got three days – why don’t you see how much American history and American values you can cram into those days?  Why don’t you see what good you can instill in them during that time?  Think of this as a trial run for the day when you finally listen to this cowboy and pull those kids out of there permanently.  Check out your local private schools – see what they’re like.  Don’t think you can afford them?  Maybe look into it, see if there aren’t payment options available that you hadn’t thought of before.

I said it before the break, and I’m nowhere near done saying it: we have to get our kids out of public schools.  Set aside for the moment that they’ve really just become Marxist education camps, set aside that they’re encouraging a lifelong world philosophy of stupidly subverting the dominant paradigm in favor of literally anything that feels good or fun in the moment to believe.  Set all of that aside, and just realize that the people who are in charge of all of this, from the highest levels down to whatever percentage of the actual teachers themselves fall into line on these things, are a bunch of knuckle-dragging idiots.  They’ve turned the education and edification of our kids into a dice game – and if that doesn’t make you mad enough to spit, you’re not paying attention.

So, thank you Detroit!  Your education system is on par with your Public Works Departments, but at least there’s a silver lining.  Get your kids out of public schools!

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather