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Low Morale in Brandon’s White House

While humor, hope, and optimism defined the Trump  White House, filled as it was with pro-American politicians focused on building the best path forward for their homeland, President Brandon’s dismal White House is far more defined by doom and gloom.

And it’s not just Brandon’s statement that this will be a deadly winter for the unvaccinated that’s turned Christmas cheer into a gloomy depression.

In fact, according to Politico, despite it only being a year into Slow Joe’s presidency, comradery is so lacking in the White House, and the atmosphere is so depressing, that many aides are considering leaving.

Commenting on the lack of team spirit, one anonymous official told Politico:

“A lot of the natural coordination that happens in a typically functioning White House has been lost, and there has been no proactive effort to make up for it through intentional team building”

Reportedly, some blame burnout for the depressing atmosphere, others blame poor management, and still others think the problem is that Brandon’s top officials are distant and separated from the rest of the staff.

But, whatever the problem, or combination thereof, it’s clearly leading to a morale issue for Team Brandon.

Apparently, yet another issue driving morale lower is that Brandon’s aides haven’t gotten to attend the holiday parties, whereas other staffers and officials from around D.C. have. One anonymous official, bitterly complaining about that to Politico, said:

“No one expects business as usual during the pandemic, but it’s beyond demoralizing, it’s insulting — especially when you see DNC and Hill staff and other D.C. types get invited.

Many colleagues have brought this up to me unprompted. And I’ve had D.C. friends ask me if I wanted to grab coffee after they attended. Meanwhile, we work here, and most of us haven’t worked here before or stepped foot into the White House.”

Another, adding to the sense of problems brewing in the White House, said;

“It’s also hypocritical and ironic that a President whose brand is built on empathy and family has staff policies that fly in the face of that brand. It’s not a good look and it’s emblematic of how this place runs.”

So, there appear to be a number of issues at the White House, all of which are causing morale to suffer and aides to look for the escape hatch. And we’re not even a year into Brandon’s disaster of a presidency. Maybe Kamala can cackle to cheer them up.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics